Friday, March 27, 2015

i Stand With Survivors #TheresNoPerfectVictim #EndCampusRape

 ‬#TheresNoPerfectVictim Survivors of sexual assault are often times accused of lying if they fail to follow particular procedures in a timely manner after they've been raped. We have seen this time and time again. I'm referring to those rape claims where a survivor is doubted and scrutinized if their actions don't fit the criteria of rational behavior. When a survivors story doesn't seem to add up or if law enforcement isn't contacted immediately the red flags are thrown. Several investigations have ended prematurely once a victim fails to remember specifics or if an attempt to contact the accused is discovered. Intimate partner violence is rarely considered especially when survivors contact the accused to gain closure afterwards. The truth is most survivors don't remember details or behave in a manner that most would perceive as logical. You know why? Well it's probably because they were raped, violated, traumatized. Are people regularly trained to handle the psychological effects of sexual assault? No they're not and they shouldn't be. It is not the survivors responsibility to equip themselves so they can be "The Perfect Victim" Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that leaves a person disoriented, shocked, repulsed, unable to trust and left searching for answers at times. they may prefer to be alone or forget that it happened so their mind can recover from the nightmare. Has it ever crossed your mind that survivors may need time to heal. The mind and body are connected in a manner that leaves a victim disoriented after a violation of this magnitude occurs. facts are distorted, the order of events changes but some parts are clear as day. None of this seems rational but then again it shouldn't be. That's why it is necessary for people to remove any expectations of how survivors should feel, act, or what they should do. When you set these types of expectations responsibility is being placed on the victim instead of those who violated them. Instead, look at the person who is being accused of raping another human being if you wish to focus on irrational behavior or analyze ones psychological state. Rape is far from rational so why would anyone expect the victim to behave in a rational manner?? makes no sense. Rape is far from perfect which is why this expectation of a perfect victim is insane and until you realize this, you are part of the problem. 

visit TheresNoPerfectVictim + iStandWithJackie both facebook pages i created which were inspired by twitter campaigns to #EndCampusRape along with addressing the prevalence of sexual violence & intimate partner violence in our culture. Special thanks to Wagatwe Sara Wanjuki & Julie Zeilinger creators of  #TheresNoPerfectVictim hashtag for targeting this "Perfect Victim" narrative.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Justice 4 Daisy


The lives of Daisy & Paige, two childhood friends from Maryville Missouri were forever changed after one evening in January  of 2012. The girls were invited to the home of Matthew Barnett, a senior student at Maryville high school. While Daisy & Paige planned on spending a fun evening at a party Matthew & his friend had alterior motives. The two boys served these young girls alcoholic beverages until they were severely intoxicated. Afterwards Matthew forced his will onto Daisy who was practically unconscious and proceeded to rape her while his friend sexually assaulted Paige. Matthew & his friend decided to videotape this act of terrorism so they could show it off to their friends later on. Rapists are indeed terrorists of misogyny that contribute to a culture of violence towards women. Daisy panicked as she awoke the following morning unable to understand what just happened. Her legs were frozen, teeth chattering, anxiety building up by the second as her mind raced. She was being asked what had happened but couldn't make sense of it herself at that moment. Daisy Coleman had been unconscious on her front lawn for hours after Matthew & his friend dumped Daisy's body there. They left Daisy outside with no shoes on in 20 degree weather & took off quickly so nobody would see them drop her off.

Fast forward to March of 2012 when sexual assault charges against the two boys were dropped due to lack of evidence.
This response by local law enforcement sparked #OpMaryville  which was launched a year and a half later. Activists from all over the nation fought for Daisy & Paige. A whirl wind of support began growing on social media which eventually led to the rally held on October 2013 in Maryville. This event prompted a follow up review of the case which concluded that the initial investigation was improperly conducted and both girls had indeed been raped.

Anticipation grew over the next few months as people patiently waited until January of 2014. The shocking verdict was another example of how poorly sexual assault cases are handled by our justice system. Matthew Barnett plead guilty to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge which resulted in a mild sentence of only two years probation, 100 hours of community service & an insincere apology. oh i'm sorry, my bad, an apology to the victims. (eyes rolling)

Matthew Barnett will not serve a single day in jail for the rape of Daisy Coleman. The terrorist that raped a girl who was unable to speak and abandoned her body in the snow will walk freely.

we cannot allow rapists to walk the streets freely while survivors hide

  It's time to address the effects rape culture has on our communities. A rape culture that led to a family being driven out of their home. We will begin to put Nodaway County officials who handled this case in 2012 under a spotlight. Their methods of investigation must be analyzed & reevaluated so improvements can be made. The primary focus of every single community across our nation is to ensure that the streets are free of sexual predators. We will be asking for the assistance of state and/or federal officials. There is no doubt in my mind that the guilty parties would be serving a jail sentence if this case was handled with the level of importance is deserves 

.We've planned a rally & hope you will spread the word
We will create a public forum where you can gather in support of Daisy & contribute experiences that relate to her situation. We will continue to hold rally after rally until progress is made. We also urge schools to begin offering free courses for parents of high school students. Courses designed on on how to teach their boys specifics of what consent means. A prime example would be an emphasis on how Consent changes from moment to moment. So, even if she suggests that she may want to have sex later in the evening that doesn't guarantee an open invitation. Her body is not the property of a man just because she is being flirtatious earlier in the evening. This may all seem like common sense but guess what. Some people don't understand this concept. Hence, rape culture will prevail unless young people are educated on these issues. I Am SERIOUS. EVERYBODY WHO IS IN THE VICINITY OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS NEEDS TO KNOW THIS SHIT!!! There is a major problem when society focuses more on protecting their daughters than it does on teaching their sons how to behave

     #Justice4Daisy & #Justice4Paige is not over. Let nodaway county officials know how we feel about the current situation. we all have a voice to to contribute so let them hear our words. What happened to Daisy will not be accepted and discarded into a cabinet with thousands of other numbered files. if we walk away from this it'll be just another incident swept under the rug.  every person involved will help create a future where rape culture is nonexistent. We need to be louder than those who shift blame from rapists to survivors. tolerate no more!!! when it comes to acts of sexual abuse/rape we must Tolerate Nothing. We have the power to raise our voices so they chime loudly into the ears of those who influence laws and mandatory rape sentences. We must act and accept nothing less. nothing less than what the beautiful minds and souls of our fellow humans deserve. Tolerate NO MORE!!! Follow OpNodaway on twitter to stay updated on future rallies/twitterstorms and feel free to contribute your own thoughts/ideas. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kill Rape Culture

Once upon a time a man named Mr Smith asked his twitter followers this question: "If you had a daughter and she was going out to a party with guys drinking would you let her go out looking like a slut?"
At first I rolled my eyes unsurprised by Mr Smith's ignorance which seems to be prevalent throughout our society.  I wasn't even going to bother but then decided to respond to Mr Smith's question with.....

Well Mr Smith heres the thing,

If the next generation has sons who are as repulsed by rape as they should be then you won't need to worry about their daughters appearance.  Hell, if we just make our generation shift the blame from the victim to the perpetrator and recognize rape as an act of violence rather than a natural hazard we won't even notice clothing.
So the question becomes, If you had a son who was going to a party where girls were drinking, would you let him go knowing he had the ability to touch someones daughter without her consent?
You should focus on raising a son who can handle himself properly regardless of the girls attire or lack there of. Then parents won't have to worry about what their daughter wears because sons who rape will no longer exist.

 Mr Smith replies: "Oh but they do exist & they're at those parties"

Me: Well, THATS the problem.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

La Rage oV Jane Doe

Pass a microphone to the voiceless then amplify the sound.  Every word that's released begins to shake the ground. richtor scale on overload, spreading throughout the nation. Predators run for cover on a permanent vacation. She holds back tears while revealing her story. Pumping fists in the air, unleashing her fury. Now the streets become filled with voices that refuse to be silenced..... branding their marks on the backs of those who attempted to conceal the violence. This is not just a news story, it's the story of Jane Doe. She now possesses the megaphone.... the entire city is about to blow.

 the Voices oV Jane Does everywhere will no longer be silenced. They will be heard, by any means necessary. La Rage is a music video that depicts the intensity that was felt while I wrote the words above.  

"the jane doe choir" below was edited by myself. these are random clips from "occupy steubenville"  with music by Muse & the shins

Saturday, June 1, 2013

bonfire party while the piano plays....

this isn't an intro, it's the finale.  fuck it, it's both.  runnin through the valley... lighting up every pile of sticks on the terrain. bonfire party, this shit'll be insane.... your presence will activate your invitation. and take these tourists for an adventure, fuck their guidebook filled vacation. they're hoping those pages fulfill their darkest fantasies without disrupting the flow of their current reality.... but this volcano has been building up for a long time.....  i hear the melody of the piano keys fighting frantically, waiting for your rhyme.........

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kool Story Bro, but your priorities are a bit tilted (OccupySteubenville)

I recently stumbled upon Lee Stranahan's post on wordpress which he entitled "Steubenville Rape Case: Everything You Know is Wrong"

So, i read through his article & viewed a few responses from his supporters. you can find his piece by clicking "Lee Stranahan's post" below & my response to his piece can be found once/if he ever approves it.

BELOW IS MY RESPONSE TO Lee Stranahan's post

"Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible." is what Lee Stranahan listed as the number one headline used by Occupy Steubenville supporters, Anonymous, and Knight Sec
I've spent a considerable amount of my time & focus on occupy steubenville and have never heard this line phrased in this exact manner. Stranahan has created a list of sayings which you may have seen in his article, that he feels represent what Occupy Steaubenville is attempting to communicate. Maybe one or two individuals quoted those exact words but it's ludicrous to categorize thousands of people based on what is said by a few. However, i have heard lines such as, "Law enforcement in Steubenville is affected by corruption" "Jane Doe is not receiving the support she deserves after being brutally raped" "The sheriff has not given this matter the attention it deserves". Seriously speaking, that last one is not only true of steubenville or football players or the swim team for that matter. It is true regarding rape culture throughout the entire nation. The current laws governing all forms of sexual assault are far too lenient. I have seen adults over the age of 25 with multiple sexual assault offenses under their belt, walk out of jail after only two years. this my friend is bigger than steubenville, this particular case was simply the straw that broke the camels back. Yes, this truly is a battle but not one against patriotism or conservatism or football. This is a battle against rape culture, the attitudes about rape, the ignorant ideologies held by many, lenient attitudes/laws/jokes regarding incidences of rape. We have to start somewhere and we cannot lose this battle because if that happens then we all lose, unless you're a rapist of course. Whether you realize it or not we're all affected by the views that society holds regarding sex, the treatment of women, etc. . Also, i've noticed that Stranahan & others alike have associated Anonymous and other supporters of occupy steubenville as being avid protestors against sports in general especially football. Football and sports in general is definitely not the issue. That is simply an excuse to steer focus away from the issue at hand & turn it into a pro sport vs anti sport battle. I myself have played and enjoyed watching sports my whole life. I love sports so by generalizing everyone stating that none of us enjoy sports or have pride for our country is completely untrue. Ive played soccer my entire life, basketball for a few years & loved all of the Philadelphia Eages and NY Jets games Ive attended dating back to Randall Cunningham along with the lineup of authentic nfl jerseys I've collected throughout the years. During my cross country trips in 2005 - 2007 I made it a point to stop off in Texas for a few days just so I could catch the Friday night extravaganzas held in various small towns. Communities who were ignited with enthusiasm for the game & I loved it. yes i did & believe it or not, I'm Anonymous. I realize that folks who think like Stranahan may view this as shocking but that's part of the problem. A culture of generalizations, prejudices, attitudes toward an entire group of people that are simply untrue in many instances. All of these elements are connected and Anonymous is simply making efforts, out of our own free time, without pay, to creating change especially with this Occupy movement in ohio. Stranahan has chosen to take the low road on several occasions throughout his relentless efforts in exposing every minute error made by knight sec, a group of people who simply want justice for this 16 year old girl. Stranahan has dedicated air time discussing & analyzing every flaw he believes knight sec has made. the bottom line, whether the info gathered on the rape crew was 85%, 95%, or 100% accurate, these findings were gathered through the investigative work of #OccupySteubenville, not the police department. The steubenville police department failed to continue all investigations against the rapists and those involved in the rape of Jane Doe
Now, We all make errors, nobody is perfect & no system is perfect as im sure Stranahan and his supporters are aware of. So, i ask Stranahan, why focus on the few errors Knight Sec may have made. Why not focus on the crowd of folks who were united by love? A group of thousands who endured frigid temperatures for the hours spent gathered outside the courthouse, in support of Jane Doe; not because it was their job to do so but because they wanted to. We will Bring justice to Jane Doe, it may take awhile, they're will be obstacles along the way but it will happen, it must happen. We are doing this to destroy a rape culture mentallity that has  infected our universe for far too long ! it starts with a small town in the midwest and it will spread. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Silvia (Part 2)

Who is this Silvia person this guy keeps mentioning. she must be tres sheik with a dash of freak, in the way she laughs when there is no joke. the Girl is into yoga so she will not toke.. a simple girl who is faithful with a side of danger. She dances as she walks & will even smile at a stranger. Pilates style movements at any given time.. She speaks without saying a word, more effectively than a Mime. The Shadows on the Wall mirror her flow of grace.  white walls feel emotion as the world opens its doors. only to disappear without a trace.  a sequel of her dancing soul will be painted when winged creatures sing their wake up song. the concert continues. consistent as the Break of Dawn.  The kiss  of her harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as Her song fills my mind long before we even meet .  She's the one that makes my heart sweat.  the one that'd make me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all through the night... , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its on like donkey kong, from Halloween to Christmas. She's  like a drug that lasts forever & I have a limitless supply.  Just think about her for a moment and her presence stops by.... I'm fascinated like curious George by how her mind works and why. Girl's just wanna have fun, maybe she's the same girl who cyndi lauper used to play.  that type of woman who is, "hey girl all day."  so if i met her this way then i'd like to stay.... let's just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but a remix where there is no crown, & we just laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down...   Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%,  because nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent.  A clown in front of the mirror when she's getting ready with her friends,  for no reason... Fuck the Dating Game, its time for Silvia, this is a Hey Girl season.  Her laugh & smiles just burst & alwayz come first, the body comes later.. that's how we both want it, our forbidden flavor.  I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from the end....  Silvia is on my hit list, my goddess, my love, and my new best friend.......  kick that shit Dre...   </div>

Friday, December 21, 2012

We Feel Nothing, We Feel Everything

The kiss of a harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as the flute touches your lips. Her song fills my mind long before we meet. then i walk down the street while conducting a yo-yo to sway in a back & forth motion, adding a spontaneous leap that induces a flow of endorphins to strike..  the song plays again as she brushes by,  this time its louder, clearer, somewhat soothing actually...... the space connecting that moment to the rest of this story is yet to be told because i don't know it all.............  her eyes are an entrance to a world far beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  I'm lead to a destination nobody has ever explored regardless of others who claim they've been there.  Yes, in the physical sense, but not in this way, maybe with someone else someday. Our words form sentences that add to laughs, laughs of joy, laughs of ecstasy, laughs that make us light headed, unable to move, but eager to jump in at anytime.  these feelings drift through the air. we're so close, closer than anyone has ever been before yet our bodies feel numb,  so distant and close at the same time. A break in the moment is what it may appear to be but the moment is still alive; the moment never faded, instead it has escalated; ready to ignite at anytime, easily triggered by the slightest spark that follows. She rolls over playfully and as our eyes connect; i enter her. I feel as if i am but im really not, but i am. All of a sudden the events leading up to this moment collide, consume us, and the moment takes over, playing its own song.  The melody is unfamiliar to us but its presence is overwhelmingly irresistable.  My mind replays every touch, every movement, every moment we shared up until this point as if i were viewing a slideshow.  the images displayed in my head flow along with the movement of our bodies building up to a point where i can't quite remember what happens next.  The position of our bodies is unimportant because we are everywhere, the room is filled by the shadows we paint on the walls. there is no empty space for anything else to exist in this room.  we feel nothing, we feel everything.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Design My Mind

Designer clothes, string bikinis, tight pants, some think sex appeal. high heels, fake attitude, looks that kill.. yeah thats okay, but i'd rather go home and watch a movie... see, i prefer your natural flow because  thats what  moves me. yes its true i like a gal that sasses..... but i think it's hot when you wear overalls, ponytails & glasses. what's her name on Garden State, do you remember the movie?! thats not just a woman, thats a goddess, something revolutionary...  that's what makes me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all damn night... .. , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its  on from Halloween to Christmas.  once the new year hits passion escalates & never dies down..... mental > physical, that's where the ecstasy is found...  etch your fantasies into my mind, make love to it slowly, boldly, as you orchestrate my body... our statues move in synchronization. A trip that started with a simple kiss led to this unforgettable destination

Monday, October 22, 2012

I was looking for my puppy

Imagine a movie where a boy named Jack loses his puppy & sets off on an adventure to find it. Once upon a time a boy named Jack made it his mission to find his lost puppy. The dog was abused by the single parent Jack lived with and one morning the dog decided to run away from home. Jack gets into a fight with his parent & decides to leave as well so he can find his best friend, the puppy. He goes from town to town, city to city & after awhile his friends report him missing... So of course everyone from his town begins looking for him.  He avoids the police at all costs once he learns that they are looking for him  because he's dedicated to continuing his mission... He ends up going quite far & ends up sleeping at random peoples homes.. Jack's visit to each one of these homes is very short because once he  realizes  they're about to call the authorities, he heads out the window in the middle of the night. As time passes the plot of the movie changes from "the puppy search" to a wild and exciting adventure for Jack... He ends up in the ghetto where he finds shelter at a families home who understands his situation & takes him in. He learns how to fight & fend for himself but when the police catch on he leaves... The movie begins to shift gears and the audience slowly begins to forget about "the puppy" As his journey progresses he begins to meet so many new people.  Jack discovers his musical abilities at church where he finds a group of people that take him in, similar to the movie August Rush.  He is adopted & goes back to school. (details are still being worked out here folks, bear with me) the authorities catch up to him but his mentor finds a friend in another location who takes him in & home schools him.. His journey continues with a trip that extends all across the country as he grows up on the road..  Jack's adventure begins to seem like the movie  "Into the Wild" where he gets acquainted with nature & lives in the mountains but unlike the main character in the movie "into the Wild" he survives & makes it out. He finds his way into the city life where the movie changes into a plot similar to the movie "Limitless" but a little bit more realistic. Once he starts to become successful He ends up meeting a girl that was part of the church group he was involved with earlier in this movie...  She  sang in the same choir  but they never really had a chance to get acquainted until now. They never spoke because his first day at the church coincidentally was her last, but it was still love at first sight for Jack.... Anyway, He ends up successful and making a name for himself in the city just like in the movie Limitless, except in this movie there is slightly more of a romantic connection between Jack and his girlfriend. Another similarity between this movie and Limitless is the final scene.  they are sitting down for dinner at a Japanese restaurant except in this movie the scene ends with her asking him a question. Jill says, "I meant to ask what brought you this far, why did you even begin this adventure"  So.......  Jack replies, " Oh yeah, I was looking for my puppy"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ghost Alive

My fuel is the exploration and discovery of unchartered territory within myself, others, and the world that surrounds me.
That's my High.
it's like a drug that lasts forever & i have a limitless supply.
I'm fascinated like curious George by how it all works and why
the deeper i connect with the world around me, the clearer i will see
who you are and what you dream to be
until then, let's walk and continue our journey
whether by each others side or on opposite coasts of the country


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's the deal, Mitt?

Gov. Romney’s position is clear: he opposes abortion except for cases of rape, incest and where the life of the mother is threatened.

So Mr Romney, are you saying that you’re in support of the federal funding of an abortion for any woman who states she was raped? Well, if that’s what you’re saying then I’m a little bit more relieved. However, you’re still leaving the door wide open for politics to interfere with a woman making her own decisions on what she does with her body. So what I’ll do is shift gears for a moment while I write this by putting my opinions aside (We’ll see how long that lasts) and pretend that I agree with your stance on this issue. Lets focus specifically on the matter concerning a woman being raped and federally funded abortions. The statements you made on this matter fail to address all of the variables that exist in today’s society and here’s how. Your position on this matter may sound simple however we do not live in a simple world and your stance leaves a substantial amount of leverage for those who oppose abortion. Here’s what may happen if abortion laws coincided with your stance, Mitt. First off, there are those who will begin to question the validity of a victims rape claim. The investigation process would then become more involved in order to prove the specifics of what occurred in the bedroom that night. The questioning process would become heavily daunting for everyone involved. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE, including the victim. She already has to deal with the horrifying experience of being raped but now you’re throwing another obstacle on her plate here. She’d have to answer detailed questions about what happened while her body was being violated. Do you realize that this will only lead to the rape being replayed over and over again in her head. Don’t forget about the illegal abortions that take place by those willing to perform them at an extremely cheap cost. These abortions are dangerous and so are the locations in which they take place. However, some may seek out these options as alternative measures to being treated like a criminal. Treated like a criminal for not allowing another man to interrogate her mind the same way that rapist invaded her body. I sure hope you or anyone else who brings up this issue in the future realizes that being treated in the way I described above is unacceptable to say the least. So Mitt, how would you go about proving a woman was raped or would you just take her word for it. Either way, it is necessary for you to elaborate a bit more on how your stance affects the life of all women since you, your partner, and several of your supporters are the ones making this an issue. Jot down all of the what if’s that may arise if your beliefs became law. Then, create a solution to all those what if’s and share them with us. If you’re able to do that effectively then you’re a freaking genius. You can attempt that if you’d like or you can go the humane route and realize that women are the sole deciders of what happens to their own bodies. The amount of attention you or anyone else gives to this issue determines how important this issue if for you. Hence, the vague answer you gave in response to your stance on abortion just doesn’t cut it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hollywood, I'm A F'inG prodigy. (thats what she said)

August Rush, Finding Forrester, Good Will Hunting, Fresh, Bobby Fischer, Little Man Tate. All great movies but where are the movies with female prodigies? Films of this type seem to be nonexistent in the mainstream movie scene. So, Will the real directors please stand up, please stand up, please stand up & create a new flick... Think about it. There are so many movies that feature a young male outcast. Now this particular individual im referring to may be a bit different than all the other kids, a little weird, not interested in mainstream social activities.. buuuuuut... at the same time that kid seems to be a prodigy of some sort. A boy genius. However, when a movie features a young female who is also a so called OUTCAST, a bit weird in comparison to her peers, etc....... that female isn't portrayed in the same manner. This female character most likely has the same level of potential , if not more, to be a prodigy. However, instead of focusing on a particular skill or talent this character may have, many of these movies are centered around how troubled she is... how she is wicked or how she has an eating disorder, how crazy she may be, or how she's troubled because of her sexual encounters at an early age. How does any of that have anything to do with the skills she possesses. Focusing on the latter would make the movie alot more interesting for the viewer & may even alter peoples perception about similar individuals they've encountered in real life situations.. it seems to me that there are way too many hollywood filmakers emphasizing a "glass is half empty" message on one side while sending a "glass is half full" message on the other side.  There are films like Million Dollar Baby, Freedom Writers, and others where the lead role is a female who possesses unordinary skills. Also, in the movie August Rush which i mentioned above there is a  character named Lena played by Kerri Russell. In part of the film, you're able to get a taste of  Lena's magnificent voice. Yes, its true that there are films like this.  However, there is a distinct difference in the way Hollywood portrays the two genders at the adolescent & high school age level.  The entire cast, off camera and on camera, do a remarkable job  showing the audience that the main character isn't socially inept. Instead,  he's just special because of his genius mind or special gift.... The conclusion of these stories end with the characters respecting and admiring the star when initially they thought there was something wrong with him.  The viewers and characters may have originally seen an unruly outcast but soon realizes that he was just above average & needed to find his niche, thats all.... see, that's the message. However, in certain roles such as Elizabeth Olsen's character in Martha Marcy May Marlene the outcome is quite different.  This particular film demonstrates a very gifted young woman who has the mental capacity to deal with an unsurmountable level of adversity that would be unimaginable to most. However this movie ends with her being driven to a psychotic institution in the backseat of her sisters car.  instead, the movie could have changed direction at some point after she arrived at her sisters house. Once she escaped the place where she had been abused she moved in with her sister. Afterwards, the sister and her husband began contemplating her removal from their home when they witnessed her odd behavior. The perfect time when her unique talent could have emerged was at this very point in the movie. This type of example is somewhat similar to the positive direction the movies above drifted into. Again, there may be thousands of positive examples of female prodigies but when it comes to the younger characters, high school aged and below, there is a vast difference in how the male is portrayed vs the female.  In conclusion, i say this: While Lindsay Lohan is labeled as bi-polar, Charlie Sheen is bi-winning.  Also,  Hollywood:  im not a slut, im not an anorexic bitch, im not a tease, and im not troubled.  Im quite the opposite if you only took the time to get to know me.. Im not any of the names you just called me, instead, I'm a F'inG Prodigy.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'll just leave it AS IS....

  I've always been this way to a degree but i recently discovered how much i really FEEL another persons emotions at certain times.  what i mean is, there have been a number of situations where i would witness someone who may be distressed, crying, emotional about a particular issue, etc.. i may not necessarily even know them at all, but i'd really feel that person and sometimes think... damn, i wish there was something i could do. i know this may sound odd but that's how i am. One example of this took place a couple of weeks ago. I'll leave the name of the locations of the establishments i was in out of this blog. Anyway i was at a restaurant ordering some food, drinks, etc,  and i saw this woman who i was very attracted too but a few minutes later this guy she knew, who she obviously liked, had his arms around her.. anyway, i had left to go to another restaurant down the road. When I came back about an hour later to retrieve the cell phone i thought i misplaced, i decided to get one more drink.  thats when i heard someone crying. it was the same woman from before but she was crying in the bar stool right next to me. The guys that were hanging out with her and her friends had left the place.  Seated beside me was her and the 3 female friends she was originally with.  i heard her cry and she kept saying, "why do guys have to be that way, i don't get it, im such a nice person, why do they treat me that way" (while she was crying hysterically) i literally felt like i was going to burst... i can't possibly tell you how much emotion was running through my body at that moment... i myself, wanted to cry out of frustration and the sadness i felt for her was intense.  i was without a voice. i only wish i was a woman at that moment so i could give her advice and then she might listen and walk away feeling better. Not to say that i'd have the answer but at least i could talk to her and maybe she'd feel comfortable and listen.  Maybe if she saw that a complete stranger cared she'd think differently, maybe it would at least put a smile on her face. However, im not a woman, im a man so i was voiceless... i continued to listen to them as they talked and felt every bit of emotion that she felt while she cried...  i walked to the restroom shortly afterwards and passed  by a small group of 3 guys who were laughing. They continued laughing & making jokes to each other about the girl crying. As they laughed one of them looked at his friend and said "i know why that guy didn't tap that ass, that girl has more veins in her legs than a heroin addict has on his arms" and they laughed........ Another mentioned her crooked nose and  i don't want to mention the rest of their conversation.  Anyway,  as i headed back out of the restroom my level of emotion escalated.  What i discovered as i went to sit back down in my seat made me even more inflamed ....Low and behold, tbe 3 guys who were cracking jokes were now sitting with the women, chatting away. The guy who called her an ugly veiny heroin looking freak ended up with her phone number...... An intense mix of emotions filled me but as i walked out of there those intense emotions had turned into something else..  I felt nothing. I was completely shocked, and for that moment. i lost faith in the world.... As crazy as it sounds was one of those moments that made me feel more confused than ever. i should end this on a positive note or with something that will leave the reader feeling inspired, but instead, i'll just leave it as is... 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love is the Headline

There are certain things nobody should tolerate in a relationship. There are certain key factors that should exist for the relationship to be a successful and fulfilling one for both individuals. However, is it really necessary to follow a guide or a set of rules per say?  I don't believe so. If you truly find Love then the person you're with will respect you and you will respect them instinctively. True Love is the only rule and will provide both love and respect. You can find someone who fits your definition of the ideal person, has common interests, shares similar beliefs and respects you but that doesn't mean they are your true love. However, if the person you're with is your true love then they will automatically respect you and any disagreements will work themselves out naturally or may even give you a new perspective. You will not attempt to change them and vice versa. You will both grow at your own pace, learn, evolve, and naturally become the people you were meant to become throughout your years together. This may not provide you with the answers you seek. However, in this world, the only answer is YOU. Regardless of what you believe YOU create with every new step you take & every decision you make. if you choose to open any book that provides you with a set of rules, make sure you learn to do something else FIRST. Open your eyes and allow yourself to see a persons soul before anything else. Love is the most important; it's the headline.

Art's Shadow

Art is the Shadow of the Mind's Imagination

displayed for us to appreciate the depths of one's creation.

Art's profound impact connects lives from the past to the present and plants seeds for the future

A Garden of Ideas gradually emerge as the connection of minds & generations fertilize the soil. 

thirst is quenched by the rain and fed by the sun.

Mother Earth, God & science sing together as one.

Art is the Shadow of the Mind's imagination

Next to the tree house a dove and owl sit side by side.

thats what she sees as she writes..

Revealing what truly lives inside. Unleashing our souls to the world, nothing to hide.

as i listen to the music my own words are born and so it is written

It's a day like no other ever experienced before

a calm feeling that lives in your body and yearns to explore

cannot be defined by any symbol or sign

just a feeling so pure that it crawls through your spine.

invigoration that invites many to share the same joy

whether man or woman, girl or boy

just click your fingers like this, easy at the wrist.

and let your mind enjoy this feeling of bliss.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a piece of my mind, translated into words

i run the streets like Will Ferrell in the movie Old School, but im not frank the tank, so just call me Aldo Q. i didn't know which way to go but kept on jogging anyway. a reporter asked what i was doing, i said what forest gump would say..  never covered myself in clothes while i tried to  figure it out, instead i stripped my attire, transparency was my new route.
My decision to run wild & feel everything around me led to an ingestion of infinite particles to enter my body. i allowed some of it to grow and become a part of me then threw up all the waste that i didn't want to be. see, love conquers all and this statement is profound.... so i belittle hate in creative ways removing any foul sound. shrinking that monster making it 10 times smaller, because once that attitude meets love, its corrosion is devoured...  replaced with a feeling in which the stench cannot exist.... i'll contribute to new ideas while putting hate on my hit list.....

i might create a sequel to the movie "UNINVITED" and become an attorney defending Anna, cause that's how I'd write it...
then tell her dad he did a lousy job, cause he banged their nanny while he was ignoring their mom. these are the thoughts that enter my brain.. expression is the kiss of life, relieves all strain.
See, i am the ghost and yes i mean all of this, don't let anyone drain you of your current bliss. there is nobody that can stop you or bring you down unless you focus on their ignorant and beligerent sound.... NOBODY can tame the lion inside of you, drain you, maintain you, or make you blue...... just look in their eyes, smile and they'll feel shame, because the whole time they were fake and underminded the game
love is a battlefield that involves soldiers of all types, those that take it for granted, those who feel it and those who are full of hype... whether you agree or don't  like what i have to say, my presence will stay. It won't leave....  not now or anyday.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

she looks to her left & says "Hey Girl"

i don't really have a hook but im just gonna flow to this...  a hey girl turns to her friend and would just sing to this...  whispers in her ear and just laughs all day....  girls wanna have fun, thats what cyndi lauper used to say.  all joy, all play, its hey girl all day.  if i met you this way, i'd like you  to stay....  and just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but there is no crown, & we laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down...   Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%, nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent.  A clown in front of the mirror when youre getting ready for no reason... F the Dating Game, its time for a Hey Girl season.  Her laughs & smiles come first, the body comes later.. that'll always be my preferred flavor.  I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from done....  Hey Girl, just have some fun.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't Be A Mark

The following is not about anyone in particular.  when i'm out and about I tend to observe others on occasion..  this is based on things i see happen & things that may have happened to some/many individuals.. a scene between a couple at the park is what triggered this piece. 

once upon a time there was a dude who instigated an argument in public which was quite rude. she clearly felt uncomfortable discussing the issue with everyone. he persisted without a care & said he wasn't done. When she brings it up in private he kept saying he was SORRY & wore out that word like 80's kids played out atari. Okay, you apologized bro, now let's get back to the issue. He brought it up, now its her turn to speak, but he's reaching for a tissue. Clueless to whats going on, wondering why she's mad, caught up in his own feelings.. i can't believe this guys a Dad. You just don't get it dude, what the hell is going on. thats what she said as she tries to continue the convo, but instead he sings his sad song. she feels like pulling the hair out of her head & keeps talking but he only replays the words that he said. her words fly around him & disappear into the air. the champion of icebreakers is speechless; nothing but a confused stare... he flees the scene like a get-away driver; paints the town with his boyz thinking that'll take him higher... He brags about all the ladies he tasted; licked up, sticked up, all the nights he was wasted. One day he'll realize that he's actually not a player, simply just a boy toy. only good for one thing & thats physical joy #Mark (Btw, mark is not a particular guys name, it's old school west coast slang for a punk ass, basically. Just threw it in the mix)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Transparency is my oxygen, thats how i breathe freely.. won't cover up the skin i live in because that would contain me. i inhale it into my lungs; now the skeletons run & flee... Being transparent is my Oxygen. Finding the words to express how i feel is my Fire. I'm addicted to exposing my soul, Life is my desire. transparency is my oxygen, without it i'd slowly die. A steady dose of this pure drug allows me to fly.... I'm Alive as the Flame smothers me, now im breathing with ease. Ignites the child inside while it disarms any disease. This feeling makes my heart perspire.. Oxygen is necessary for the flame to rise higher.. i will spread the flame so you can feel the same. the beauty of Your transparent soul. so addicting i want to view it in slo mo.. add my favorite song as the audio & name the track.. Its an Oxygen World baby & its about to blow

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shadows in the Break of Dawn

The Shadows on the Wall surrounding her display a flow of grace.  white walls feel emotion as the world opens its doors. only to disappear without a trace.  a sequel of her dancing soul will be painted when winged creatures sing their wake up song. the concert continues. consistent as the Break of Dawn 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who is Silvia?

  Who is this Silvia person this guy keeps mentioning. she must be tres sheik with a dash of freak, in the way she laughs when there is no joke. the Girl is into yoga so she will not toke.. a simple girl who is faithful with a side of danger. She dances as she walks & will even smile at a stranger. Pilates style movements at any given time.. She speaks without saying a word, more effectively than a Mime. The Shadows on the Wall mirror her flow of grace. white walls feel emotion as the world opens its doors. only to disappear without a trace. a sequel of her dancing soul will be painted when winged creatures sing their wake up song. the concert continues. consistent as the Break of Dawn. The kiss of her harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as Her song fills my mind long before we even meet .she's the one that makes my heart sweat. the one that'd make me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all through the night... , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its on like donkey kong, from Halloween to Christmas. She's like a drug that lasts forever & I have a limitless supply. Just think about her for a moment and her presence stops by.... I'm fascinated like curious George by how her mind works and why girls wanna have fun, thats maybe she's like the girl that that cyndi lauper used to play. that type of woman who is, "hey girl all day." so if i met her this way, i'd like to stay.... let's just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but there is no crown, & we laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down... Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%, nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent. A clown in front of the mirror when youre getting ready for no reason... Fuck the Dating Game, its time for Silvia, this is a Hey Girl season. Her laughs & smiles come first, the body comes later.. that'll always be my preferred flavor. I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from the end.... Silvia is on my hit list, my goddess, my love, and my new best friend....... kick that shit Dre...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is that a Heart on your sleeve or is it just a symbol of what you think you believe.

I'm confused so please clarify what you are saying... if free thinking is what you preach then there should be no slaying. when you attack those holding signs that you feel preach hate..... A violent reaction will only cause the madness to elevate. A war may be born from getting in peoples faces which results in destruction & only violence will leave its traces... this is not a request, there will be an absense of physical fighting... if a rock is thrown in anger, prepare for thunder & lightning.... take this as an opportunity to learn about those you don't know... regardless of the signs they hold, only then you will grow. when you arrive with a vengeful heart & shoot vicious bullets in their way, the Love symbol on your neck will bleed, & that heart on your sleeve will slowly decay... Leaving you thinking about what you did... the vulgar swinging in the direction of that little kid.. if you let anger overcome your reason... you'll only defeat the peace sign & be found guilty of treason... a traitor to yourself and the words that you speak... represent the button you wear with action, if peace is what you seek

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raindrops are Falling on My Head..

i live so i can LIVE,  but initially had no clue what i could give. the day i awoke was the day i was the most confused... didn't cover up while i tried to  figure it out, instead i stripped my clothes, transparency was my new route. I indulge in Life rather than a game of  win or lose so im Naked to the world, which is the dresscode i choose. However, i wear a bathing suit because i have some class & have a tendency to dive in oceans where the sharks might pass..   transparency is my oxygen, thats how i breathe freely.. won't cover up this skin because that would contain me. oxygen is how i live, my words fuel the fire. this expresses what occurs & translates my desires. I'm not a rebel to faith, but a rebel to certain mainstream views... selectively promoted ideas that leave the nieve more confused. .. the box on the wall can train the mind to be scripted, so instead i sharpen my mind to become lyrically gifted. I selectively digest thoughts of genius that may originate from an evil mind, ingest the good, release the waste that may leave the heart blind.. after researching myself, I voluntarily take a tour of someone elses position & may transfer myself into bait for their opposition.. this connection is as genuine as you will ever get.. the heart thumps an unfamiliar rhythm, forehead perspires with sweat.....  As the project steadily unleashes it will all come together, not saying i promised anyone this flow would get better..  As I hear others talk about living the high life,  I dare them to became the father, the mother, the child, the husband, and the wife. I'll become the Outcast just so i can relate;  put myself in the storm without a raincoat so i can taste......  your flavor, your sound, because it involves me too. Since we're both  living in this world im riding with all of you. So for now, i tilt my head back & let the rain kiss my forehead with  passion fueled drops. the soundtrack to LIFE begins. Seeking an Umbrella is where it stops.  I'm a writer! faith infused idea igniter, awake with the birds but also chill with owls when i pull an all nighter. all of the above & yes im also a lover. that night i burnt the only umbrella left so i could feel the world, not run for cover.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Modern Day Sexual Rebel without being a Rebel

 Something i wrote & im not Jerry McGuire. I just threw a match on the ground. Someone else settup the fire... So, here goes:

During my life  I've had conversations with a wide variety of people expressing my choice to wait awhile before having sex with a woman. I've received numerous responses throughout my life some which have included "No, way that's just a line or Cmon,  your lying" or a guy that thinks like that is usually gay, or the kinder but still shocking response of: Wow, thats different, no its not a bad thing, its good, its just different. I say shocking because its pathetic that society reacts this way. Now, im not saying that's the way everyone thinks.. I'm not saying thats the way it is.. Im saying that is what i've personally experienced for the greater portion of my life.. Then, one day, i happened to run across someone (will not mention names) who is hated. A person who is considered a Religious Extremist who preaches hate. . A person who I have almost nothing in common with, through the eyes of those who know me. So, That person responds..... "So, What's the big deal, There are many guys out there who are like that." For the first time, i was overcome with a new feeling that i have never experienced before... Relief... Relief & Confusion.. How can someone who is considered so close minded by many, be so open minded in this particular area... Relief... Normally, when i had a similar discussion with others, i was always looked upon as if my choice was foreign ... This is the first time i received a reaction from someone who Showed me that it wasn't a big deal at all. . I guess sometimes, what you've been waiting for  your whole life, comes from the most unexpected source. It makes me feel reborn in a sense because what i believed was nonexistent, truly does still exist.  It restored faith which lead to a rearrangement of my feelings, leading back to where i started, when it comes to this issue.   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jack & Jill (A story about people)

Jill let everyone know that she won't have sex with just anybody, it has to be the right person. She is commended & respected for that. Everyone thinks she is so sweet. Jack lets everyone know that he won't have sex with just anybody, it has to be the right person. People think he's gay & when they find out he isn't they say, "Who the hell does he think he is, that arrogant prick. Oh, he must think he's all that or something. Mr, i think im god's gift to women"

Jill & her friend Amanda meet up with Jack & his friends. Jill realizes that she is interested in Jack right away but Amanda is with her & she's a little bit more assertive than her friend. Jack is also interested in Jill but because she is alot more subtle Jack doesn't recognize that she's into him. So, of course Amanda & Jack end up going out on a date rather quickly. It seems that Jack asked out Amanda because her signals were rather obvious & she seemed cool so why not.

Jill goes home & says to herself, "that is the straw that broke the camels back" She decides that for once in her life she's going to go after what she wants. Jill thinks about Amanda & says, "that backstabbing bitch! im tired of women like her getting all of the nice guys. pisses me off"

Jill goes out with her other female friends that weekend & decides she is tired of waiting for that so called "mr right" she once thought existed.. A couple of hours into the evening her friends saw the change in her. She begins to flirt, drink more than usual, & basically have fun for once in her life without caring what other people think. She just doesn't want to be "miss please the world" any longer. At first she realized she was putting on an act but once she discovered this new side of her things seemed to balance out. Now, before this point she never had a one night stand. After a couple weeks of going to a few new local spots with her friends, she ended up going back to a guys apartment. She actually left his place feeling good. She felt like she had some control over the situation... She realized that she wanted to chill out on looking for a relationship. Jill just wanted to kick back, experience life a little, & although she still wasn't going to sleep with just anybody, she was open to it if the mood was right.

When she returned home some of the folks who once thought she was so sweet & nice, seemed to change their opinion of her all of a sudden. She was happy but they called her a slut behind her back.. Oddly, some of those same individuals continued to treat Amanda no differently than usual.. They still spoke to her, called her, etc... Jill is fed up & is tired of people telling her how to act.

Meanwhile, back at Amanda's place everything seemed to go very well in Jacks opinion. He leaves feeling pretty good about the situation. Now, Jack doesn't sleep with Amanda right away so Amanda thinks she did something wrong.

Jill sleeps with Brad too quickly & he thinks she's just some girl from the bar. Amanda goes after Jack sensing that she should try harder, only if she'd realize that she's awesome , only if she'd back off the sex a bit. 
Jill calls Brad but never really called Jack, so Jack figures that he if he was more like Brad then he could finally get with Jill.

Jack gives up on women like Jill & continues to meet women like Amanda.

Jill gives up on guys like Brad & wishes that Brad was more like Jack.

& the story goes on...

the moral: people are confusing themselves when they expect a woman to be a certain way & a guy to be a certain way. If the characters in this story didn't have these prejudices about "what women are supposed to be like" & "what men are supposed to be like" there would be no confusion.

that's it for now, peace

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Garden

i came to the fork in the road & went straight, ignored the sign, jumped the fence & busted open the gate.. into the garden where i was greeted by stares from strange faces. i'm a criminal for crashing the party but i'll be gone without leaving any traces. i looked right into them, eyes glazed, with a smile so wide ... high from the adrenaline that i was experiencing inside.  A private festival had taken over in this secluded place. Curiosity aroused on each & every face. My name flew through the garden from lips to ears, by a cluster of individuals who knew each other for years. i politely interrupted this man annoying a fine lady, she was upset  because i woke her up, but still pleased to meet me.  small talk occupyied the scene, reminded her of the same story so we took off to explore unchartered territory. The ink we spill along the way will illustrate how we live, transparent, with nothing to hide. We're the authors of our adventure, the New version of Bonnie & Clyde.. wild dreams paint the streets with our own dezign. We burned down the Box, & unlike Cash we will never walk the line. when the sun sets & Dusk enters we never count sheep. Instead we daydream of wolves who run free & don't fall asleep. These are the thoughts that ease our mindz instead. until the sun rises, the spot in the garden is where we'll lay go to bed.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

U Know

People Don't Change, They Just Become More Like Themselves. I've heard this statement before, on more than a few occasions & this is my interpretation of it.

Sometimes others may think you're changing but maybe you're just becoming more in touch with yourself & that's a good thing. Maybe, the person you thought you were wasn't really you. you may have not realized that you were trying to fit in simply to appease others. You may just be realizing that you never knew who you were until a certain point in your life when it all begins to come together. When you come to that realization, thats a good thing. So, before you take too many steps forward in one direction, relax. Don't rush . The direction you walk will obviously lead you to who YOU will be so don't walk too fast, let it mature like wine, slowly, genuinely. Keep learning about yourself until your subconscious mind completely aligns with your conscious mind. Until your conscious state agrees with your natural reactions. When that happens, everything you add along the way will be added to the real you… If the foundation is solid before you decorate the house then living in the house will be alot more pleasurable…if the foundation is unsteady then the house will collapse or continuously experience damage by obstacles that you won’t understand.. It all leads to you. Whether its your fault or not, you’re the one that has to deal with the situations that arise in your life. If you have a thorough understanding of yourself then you will have gained peace of mind. Peace of mind that the decisions you make are the ones that are right for you. Experiences in this world may collide with what you believe from time to time. They test us, they introduce themselves to us, they greet us. How we deal with them, whether we choose to battle, to ignore, to embrace, to laugh, or a combination of those will give us the answers we need.. the answers to questions you may have asked yourself. was that me or was that someone i thought i was supposed to be. Did i react, or did my emotions react.. Reflecting on these moments without analyzing them too deeply supply us with answers. So, the challenge isn't change but instead, learning more about ourselves... Once that happens, Change is Natural!              

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storms Breathe a Rainbow

I bring my thunder to the table; the storm is passionate with unpredictable drops of rain but remains stable. Our winds clash but sharing the sky is key because we have table manners. The menu we present features delicacies that label us as enchanters.. the future of the storm is the route that we'll fly. dipping through clouds as we let the sun heat our bodies, then we'll kiss the sky. when two storms collide its such a thrilling ride; the thunder that lives inside when two storms collide... This may or may not be what you want to hear, but you'll see the rainbows we paint while we're living up here. Graffiti in the sky that you see once in a blue moon, turned into a daily operation that you can experience very soon... as long as you don't hide from the storm that lives inside. we breathe our thoughts freely until Our Storms Collide. to never erupt all at once or welcome in the acid rain. the mix of weather conditions may seem complex but are really quite plain. the peace that lives inside as we glide.. the power that is felt when our storms collide.. we've inhaled storms throughout the journey now lets let it go.... we've inhaled storms in our life, now We Breathe a Rainbow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Create Art in a Pit Full of Snakes

  • Two birds of a different feather will eventually come together... slowly, with patience, the process will transform into a collage of colors that have been yearning to be born.. once the painting is finished & all the colors have been bonded nothing can wash it away... please, don't plant poisonous seeds along the way... that will only open a door for snakes to enter & stomp on this dream even more. don't feed the snake inside of you or else it will urge you to fight others. your perception will be controlled by the emotional desires of the snake who only exists to destroy. then, you will not be a contributor but instead you'll be the snakes toy. instead find the seeds that contribute to creation. These you already possess. these are the ones that leave the snake alone. Unfed, that snake will soon be dead. the desires within you will change & once that happens, the process that was once started can continue, it will never be rearranged. it will never be distorted by those who seek to separate. that is weakness, Abandon this destructive human trait. let the garden grow, let the flowers bloom, let nature react. or this will all die if we jump in recklessly with a hate fueled attack. Relax, sit back & observe... You'll notice the holes that need to be filled when witnessing a discussion between two different worlds... you'll know what to contribute then... the process can continue, the painting will eventually be painted. the madness will end. Art will then be the desire & it's art that is endless. when art takes over us creation is an infinite exploration. That's when we will never see a dead end, ever again, my friend.

We've Got 99 Problems but We Can't Feel A 1

Ive got 99 problems & she makes them all disappear as they're importance seems to vanish while they soar through the air... diminish into almost nothing & evaporate across the lake.... Feels like Magic, how that just happened. It feels like we've known each other forever & the sense of freedom we both feel to explore each other without fear, no hesitation. is this real? i ask, as i pinch myself so i can feel... feel the sharpness & maybe i might go back to reality but im already living it. i want to make sure i didn't just doze off so i pull my hair.. but im still here... words are translated into glances that only we share. but where do we go from here... If we ever drift apart, at least we'll always have this... this moment, this kiss, this will wipe all the hell away.... on any given day, just close your eyes & remember this moment... its ours now & forever; we own it, Our Loyalty stronger than bonnie n clyde, the good version that is, tighter than that of the two kids who pinky swore by the tree. Deeper than anything you can imagine, than you'll ever see.... a romance that even the Notebook hasn't fully captured.... nothing like it in the world. So, If you're having minor problems i feel bad for you son. We've got 99 problems but We can't feel a 1!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaders of the New School

The issues that arise in the parks, stem from the actions of only a small percentage .. The true OWS (protestors) or as i call them (peaceful individuals who publically speak their mind about creating Change) which by the way has been encouraged by society when we've been told time & time again to GET INVOLVED & VOTE, are the majority in the parks. We have been encouraged by Presidents who have said to the people "Let your voices be heard" I mean, Nobody arrested Howard Dean when he went on a frenzy & the whole entire place went wild.. okay, maybe that's a bad example.. When Obama ran for president & demanded CHANGE he drew a crowd that filled the streets.. When ONE person behind a podium who is dressed in a 3 piece suit delivers a powerful speech that stirs up the crowd, they are commended. They are not called PROTESTORS, they're called LEADERS! why is this any different? When ONE person stands behind a podium in a 3 piece suit its called "The American Way" its called being "Patriotic" to attend & get involved in the whole process. People wear buttons with names on them & wave signs in the air.. The stars & stripes wave proudly while police clear the streets so this process won't be disturbed. The VOTERS, the AMERICAN PEOPLE gather When ONE person delivers that speech behind the podium .. Well, this is the same thing except it gets even better because the occupy movement involves "MANY" It involves "MANY" Americans who are doing the same thing but without a 3 piece suit & a podium. Yet, they are not commended, they're called Protestors.. Anyway, These people I speak of are dedicated to the movement & aren't residing in those Parks to cause problems. In any city across America, a public park that is opened to everyone will end up attracting a few individuals whose motives may not be positive, this is true.. Hello, what i just described is REAL LIFE everywhere. That has been going on for years in cities across the world. In almost every neighborhood, condominium complex, hotel, street, school, etc... there will be individuals present who end up causing problems. When that happens, does the city shut down the entire school & call it a failure? Does the city walk into an apartment or condominium complex & order every one to move out because there is a group of drug dealers living in unit 18.. of course they don't so why are you treating the occupiers any differently. This is part of the problem, don't you see that. The problem is that these folks who started all of this, who want to be heard just like the person in front of the podium, have been looked down upon by individuals in authority from day one... They should be commended for the time they spend contributing to this movement, for caring so much about the direction this country is headed in.. They should be respected, not treated poorly. They should receive protection from the law, not be punished. They are not a problem. The few bad apples who create a disturbance won't suffer from evictions.. They'll just move to another location & cause those problems elsewhere. The vandals or drug dealers or people who provoke fights will just set up shop in a new place... while the true occupiers get kicked out of their home base. that's not right.  The Mayor who comes up with an idea that allows occupiers to continue with their movement, while removing the problem will be the true LEADER. That Individual will open NEW DOORS because they came up with a solution that nobody else thought of.. If another mayor calls for eviction they will be no different than what we already know & that's not CHANGE.. that's more of the same. It's a quick solution to the problem, a minor patch over a wound, if you will. A Wound that won't go away unless someone in a leadership position finds a way to help that Wound heal properly. We were never a nation of people who were taught to give up. So, don't give up on a cause that has the potential to blossom into something beautiful. Instead do what I did, learn more about it first. So my advice, meet the protestors, im sorry... I mean, meet the Leaders of the New School!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sounds of the Street

An afternoon walk in an unknown town led me to a busy intersection where the humidity kept everyone tightly packed in their vehicles. Tucked away in tiny air conditioned carts each in their own little world.
 I was the only one walking.  I drifted through a maze designed by a string of boxes on wheels hogging the pavement. As I approached the traffic light i noticed a couple in an suv. Their foreheads up against each others as they engaged in a deep staring contest of pure bliss which slowly led to their lips touching.   just two people enjoying one another in such an  intensely passionate manner where every moment seemed to move in slow motion.  Looking around to see if anyone was watching, their bodies moved quietly to the side.... Meanwhile, a few vehicles ahead of them, two others made their presence known as they shouted vulgar comments at each other from their cars, out in the open, without an ounce of shame.  They seemed proud of their verbal attacks as they struck each other with words that shot out of their bodies fueled by pure anger.  the noise they produced rang through the streets like a loud bell, the sound all too familiar and boring.... Suddenly the image of the couple reappeared in my mind and a new song emerged from inside of me. this new song energized and moved my legs in an entirely different manner. ...  i was no longer walking but instead i was dancing as my body moved forward.... ... I continued my journey as I removed myself from the traffic to a less congested area of the street leading to a park..... When I reflect back on that moment, if someone were to ask me what I experienced my response would be.. "Love"... because Love is Louder

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Love Bomb State of Mind! (the love drop team remix)

i created my own rhyme using the Empire State of Mind song as an outline for this blog.  to visit the love drop team site click  http://www.lovedrop.us/  

yeah their droppin love bombs on so many families. giving out toys & much needed necessities. travelin the distance all across the nation. putting smiles on faces fueling inspiration. You can catch J money chillin with Nathan St Pierre. droppin gifts for people who can't help but shed a tear. this is the scene at nation. the once blessed some folks with a well deserved vacation. representin since the '09 but they'll be around for a long while.. making moves, droppin bombs that'll never go out of style.. at Love boooooomb.. a crew that keeps on rockin the naaaatioooon. they got their own t shiiiiirts. over at Love booooomb.. whether road trip or aiiiirline, they always arrive on tiiiiiime.. over at Love Bomb, Love Bomb, Love Booooomb!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swagger like... part 2 (the 2011 remix)

(play the video & let it run for a little while so you can read this while listening to the beat:)

you reached into your soul, unleashing the inner power that drove you this far.
carrying pounds on your back, through the tornadoes, & don't need a fuckin car.
as you walked into a race unaware of the thunder that you would soon taste
savoring the storm eating the fruits & spitting out the waste. 
  a force of nature but your humble to the core, a resurrection of the innocence that led you right through this door.
breathing love while walking straight into the fire, unleashing your heart through the flame that speaks your desire..
about to stand up & make a mark on this planet but won't sit still for a minute because your mind can't stand it.
if your tired of holding in the words you wish to speak tear your heart from your chest,
raise it up like a flag & all your words will leak. nobody has swagga like you, unleash the flame....
speak it loud or whisper your tune, it will all be true

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hidden Gem

a hidden gem
born with a twisted elegance
shines brightly with a unique intelligence
for years so many have been unaware
of the gem's magnificence; now they stop & stare.
Attempting to diagnose every fabric of its being.
Unable to understand what it is that they're seeing.
no evidence is buried because there is nothing to hide.
instead of sleeping in closets, the skeletons   wake up and ride.
what may have been a mystery to myself and so many of my peers
now seems so different, and there really is nothing to fear.
the side thats been buried for so long climbs to the surface & breaks out.
& is out in the open now so you know what it's about

its warming up outside as the cold is almost gone.

 revealing a bond that i now see has been alive all along.
so If they begin to yell next door & try to provoke a fight
the world is ours anyway so Let's Light up the Night! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

She Dreams

She dreams:

Of a world where you act the same; whether around your friends or when you're together

She dreams:

Of a world where your loyalty is always present even during the toughest of times; in any weather.

She dreams:

Of a world where you listen when she speaks instead of thinking about what you’re going to say after she’s finished.

She dreams:

Of a world where you touch & caress her because you want to, not necessarily because you want something from her.

She dreams:

Of a world where you speak to when she’s next to you, not just when she’s walking out the door.

She dreams:

Of a world where the love grows throughout the years

She dreams:

Of a world where she only cries when she's happy so you won't have to wipe away her tears

She dreams:

Of a world where she can say what’s on her mind without worrying if you’ll think it’s about you.

She dreams:

Of a world where you bring her 3 when she asks for two. 

She dreams:

Of a world when you make it about her without anything to do with you.

She dreams:

Of a world where she can fly without being guided while being caught if she does fall.

She dreams:

Of a love that survives when living miles apart.  

She dreams in her sleep, while she’s awake, She dreams with her heart.

She dreams:

Of a World........

She dreams, She dreams, She dreams,..

& then 1 day she got tired of dreaming & said, I'm going to make this a reality today