Friday, July 27, 2012

Hollywood, I'm A F'inG prodigy. (thats what she said)

August Rush, Finding Forrester, Good Will Hunting, Fresh, Bobby Fischer, Little Man Tate. All great movies but where are the movies with female prodigies? Films of this type seem to be nonexistent in the mainstream movie scene. So, Will the real directors please stand up, please stand up, please stand up & create a new flick... Think about it. There are so many movies that feature a young male outcast. Now this particular individual im referring to may be a bit different than all the other kids, a little weird, not interested in mainstream social activities.. buuuuuut... at the same time that kid seems to be a prodigy of some sort. A boy genius. However, when a movie features a young female who is also a so called OUTCAST, a bit weird in comparison to her peers, etc....... that female isn't portrayed in the same manner. This female character most likely has the same level of potential , if not more, to be a prodigy. However, instead of focusing on a particular skill or talent this character may have, many of these movies are centered around how troubled she is... how she is wicked or how she has an eating disorder, how crazy she may be, or how she's troubled because of her sexual encounters at an early age. How does any of that have anything to do with the skills she possesses. Focusing on the latter would make the movie alot more interesting for the viewer & may even alter peoples perception about similar individuals they've encountered in real life situations.. it seems to me that there are way too many hollywood filmakers emphasizing a "glass is half empty" message on one side while sending a "glass is half full" message on the other side.  There are films like Million Dollar Baby, Freedom Writers, and others where the lead role is a female who possesses unordinary skills. Also, in the movie August Rush which i mentioned above there is a  character named Lena played by Kerri Russell. In part of the film, you're able to get a taste of  Lena's magnificent voice. Yes, its true that there are films like this.  However, there is a distinct difference in the way Hollywood portrays the two genders at the adolescent & high school age level.  The entire cast, off camera and on camera, do a remarkable job  showing the audience that the main character isn't socially inept. Instead,  he's just special because of his genius mind or special gift.... The conclusion of these stories end with the characters respecting and admiring the star when initially they thought there was something wrong with him.  The viewers and characters may have originally seen an unruly outcast but soon realizes that he was just above average & needed to find his niche, thats all.... see, that's the message. However, in certain roles such as Elizabeth Olsen's character in Martha Marcy May Marlene the outcome is quite different.  This particular film demonstrates a very gifted young woman who has the mental capacity to deal with an unsurmountable level of adversity that would be unimaginable to most. However this movie ends with her being driven to a psychotic institution in the backseat of her sisters car.  instead, the movie could have changed direction at some point after she arrived at her sisters house. Once she escaped the place where she had been abused she moved in with her sister. Afterwards, the sister and her husband began contemplating her removal from their home when they witnessed her odd behavior. The perfect time when her unique talent could have emerged was at this very point in the movie. This type of example is somewhat similar to the positive direction the movies above drifted into. Again, there may be thousands of positive examples of female prodigies but when it comes to the younger characters, high school aged and below, there is a vast difference in how the male is portrayed vs the female.  In conclusion, i say this: While Lindsay Lohan is labeled as bi-polar, Charlie Sheen is bi-winning.  Also,  Hollywood:  im not a slut, im not an anorexic bitch, im not a tease, and im not troubled.  Im quite the opposite if you only took the time to get to know me.. Im not any of the names you just called me, instead, I'm a F'inG Prodigy.  

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