Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storms Breathe a Rainbow

I bring my thunder to the table; the storm is passionate with unpredictable drops of rain but remains stable. Our winds clash but sharing the sky is key because we have table manners. The menu we present features delicacies that label us as enchanters.. the future of the storm is the route that we'll fly. dipping through clouds as we let the sun heat our bodies, then we'll kiss the sky. when two storms collide its such a thrilling ride; the thunder that lives inside when two storms collide... This may or may not be what you want to hear, but you'll see the rainbows we paint while we're living up here. Graffiti in the sky that you see once in a blue moon, turned into a daily operation that you can experience very soon... as long as you don't hide from the storm that lives inside. we breathe our thoughts freely until Our Storms Collide. to never erupt all at once or welcome in the acid rain. the mix of weather conditions may seem complex but are really quite plain. the peace that lives inside as we glide.. the power that is felt when our storms collide.. we've inhaled storms throughout the journey now lets let it go.... we've inhaled storms in our life, now We Breathe a Rainbow.

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