Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Create Art in a Pit Full of Snakes

  • Two birds of a different feather will eventually come together... slowly, with patience, the process will transform into a collage of colors that have been yearning to be born.. once the painting is finished & all the colors have been bonded nothing can wash it away... please, don't plant poisonous seeds along the way... that will only open a door for snakes to enter & stomp on this dream even more. don't feed the snake inside of you or else it will urge you to fight others. your perception will be controlled by the emotional desires of the snake who only exists to destroy. then, you will not be a contributor but instead you'll be the snakes toy. instead find the seeds that contribute to creation. These you already possess. these are the ones that leave the snake alone. Unfed, that snake will soon be dead. the desires within you will change & once that happens, the process that was once started can continue, it will never be rearranged. it will never be distorted by those who seek to separate. that is weakness, Abandon this destructive human trait. let the garden grow, let the flowers bloom, let nature react. or this will all die if we jump in recklessly with a hate fueled attack. Relax, sit back & observe... You'll notice the holes that need to be filled when witnessing a discussion between two different worlds... you'll know what to contribute then... the process can continue, the painting will eventually be painted. the madness will end. Art will then be the desire & it's art that is endless. when art takes over us creation is an infinite exploration. That's when we will never see a dead end, ever again, my friend.

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