Monday, January 28, 2013

Silvia (Part 2)

Who is this Silvia person this guy keeps mentioning. she must be tres sheik with a dash of freak, in the way she laughs when there is no joke. the Girl is into yoga so she will not toke.. a simple girl who is faithful with a side of danger. She dances as she walks & will even smile at a stranger. Pilates style movements at any given time.. She speaks without saying a word, more effectively than a Mime. The Shadows on the Wall mirror her flow of grace.  white walls feel emotion as the world opens its doors. only to disappear without a trace.  a sequel of her dancing soul will be painted when winged creatures sing their wake up song. the concert continues. consistent as the Break of Dawn.  The kiss  of her harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as Her song fills my mind long before we even meet .  She's the one that makes my heart sweat.  the one that'd make me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all through the night... , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its on like donkey kong, from Halloween to Christmas. She's  like a drug that lasts forever & I have a limitless supply.  Just think about her for a moment and her presence stops by.... I'm fascinated like curious George by how her mind works and why. Girl's just wanna have fun, maybe she's the same girl who cyndi lauper used to play.  that type of woman who is, "hey girl all day."  so if i met her this way then i'd like to stay.... let's just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but a remix where there is no crown, & we just laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down...   Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%,  because nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent.  A clown in front of the mirror when she's getting ready with her friends,  for no reason... Fuck the Dating Game, its time for Silvia, this is a Hey Girl season.  Her laugh & smiles just burst & alwayz come first, the body comes later.. that's how we both want it, our forbidden flavor.  I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from the end....  Silvia is on my hit list, my goddess, my love, and my new best friend.......  kick that shit Dre...   </div>

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  1. your description of "Silvia" is quite impressive i must say.