Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art's Shadow

Art is the Shadow of the Mind's Imagination

displayed for us to appreciate the depths of one's creation.

Art's profound impact connects lives from the past to the present and plants seeds for the future

A Garden of Ideas gradually emerge as the connection of minds & generations fertilize the soil. 

thirst is quenched by the rain and fed by the sun.

Mother Earth, God & science sing together as one.

Art is the Shadow of the Mind's imagination

Next to the tree house a dove and owl sit side by side.

thats what she sees as she writes..

Revealing what truly lives inside. Unleashing our souls to the world, nothing to hide.

as i listen to the music my own words are born and so it is written

It's a day like no other ever experienced before

a calm feeling that lives in your body and yearns to explore

cannot be defined by any symbol or sign

just a feeling so pure that it crawls through your spine.

invigoration that invites many to share the same joy

whether man or woman, girl or boy

just click your fingers like this, easy at the wrist.

and let your mind enjoy this feeling of bliss.

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