Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Transparency is my oxygen, thats how i breathe freely.. won't cover up the skin i live in because that would contain me. i inhale it into my lungs; now the skeletons run & flee... Being transparent is my Oxygen. Finding the words to express how i feel is my Fire. I'm addicted to exposing my soul, Life is my desire. transparency is my oxygen, without it i'd slowly die. A steady dose of this pure drug allows me to fly.... I'm Alive as the Flame smothers me, now im breathing with ease. Ignites the child inside while it disarms any disease. This feeling makes my heart perspire.. Oxygen is necessary for the flame to rise higher.. i will spread the flame so you can feel the same. the beauty of Your transparent soul. so addicting i want to view it in slo mo.. add my favorite song as the audio & name the track.. Its an Oxygen World baby & its about to blow

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