Friday, December 21, 2012

We Feel Nothing, We Feel Everything

The kiss of a harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as the flute touches your lips. Her song fills my mind long before we meet. then i walk down the street while conducting a yo-yo to sway in a back & forth motion, adding a spontaneous leap that induces a flow of endorphins to strike..  the song plays again as she brushes by,  this time its louder, clearer, somewhat soothing actually...... the space connecting that moment to the rest of this story is yet to be told because i don't know it all.............  her eyes are an entrance to a world far beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  I'm lead to a destination nobody has ever explored regardless of others who claim they've been there.  Yes, in the physical sense, but not in this way, maybe with someone else someday. Our words form sentences that add to laughs, laughs of joy, laughs of ecstasy, laughs that make us light headed, unable to move, but eager to jump in at anytime.  these feelings drift through the air. we're so close, closer than anyone has ever been before yet our bodies feel numb,  so distant and close at the same time. A break in the moment is what it may appear to be but the moment is still alive; the moment never faded, instead it has escalated; ready to ignite at anytime, easily triggered by the slightest spark that follows. She rolls over playfully and as our eyes connect; i enter her. I feel as if i am but im really not, but i am. All of a sudden the events leading up to this moment collide, consume us, and the moment takes over, playing its own song.  The melody is unfamiliar to us but its presence is overwhelmingly irresistable.  My mind replays every touch, every movement, every moment we shared up until this point as if i were viewing a slideshow.  the images displayed in my head flow along with the movement of our bodies building up to a point where i can't quite remember what happens next.  The position of our bodies is unimportant because we are everywhere, the room is filled by the shadows we paint on the walls. there is no empty space for anything else to exist in this room.  we feel nothing, we feel everything.

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