Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raindrops are Falling on My Head..

i live so i can LIVE,  but initially had no clue what i could give. the day i awoke was the day i was the most confused... didn't cover up while i tried to  figure it out, instead i stripped my clothes, transparency was my new route. I indulge in Life rather than a game of  win or lose so im Naked to the world, which is the dresscode i choose. However, i wear a bathing suit because i have some class & have a tendency to dive in oceans where the sharks might pass..   transparency is my oxygen, thats how i breathe freely.. won't cover up this skin because that would contain me. oxygen is how i live, my words fuel the fire. this expresses what occurs & translates my desires. I'm not a rebel to faith, but a rebel to certain mainstream views... selectively promoted ideas that leave the nieve more confused. .. the box on the wall can train the mind to be scripted, so instead i sharpen my mind to become lyrically gifted. I selectively digest thoughts of genius that may originate from an evil mind, ingest the good, release the waste that may leave the heart blind.. after researching myself, I voluntarily take a tour of someone elses position & may transfer myself into bait for their opposition.. this connection is as genuine as you will ever get.. the heart thumps an unfamiliar rhythm, forehead perspires with sweat.....  As the project steadily unleashes it will all come together, not saying i promised anyone this flow would get better..  As I hear others talk about living the high life,  I dare them to became the father, the mother, the child, the husband, and the wife. I'll become the Outcast just so i can relate;  put myself in the storm without a raincoat so i can taste......  your flavor, your sound, because it involves me too. Since we're both  living in this world im riding with all of you. So for now, i tilt my head back & let the rain kiss my forehead with  passion fueled drops. the soundtrack to LIFE begins. Seeking an Umbrella is where it stops.  I'm a writer! faith infused idea igniter, awake with the birds but also chill with owls when i pull an all nighter. all of the above & yes im also a lover. that night i burnt the only umbrella left so i could feel the world, not run for cover.

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