Monday, October 22, 2012

I was looking for my puppy

Imagine a movie where a boy named Jack loses his puppy & sets off on an adventure to find it. Once upon a time a boy named Jack made it his mission to find his lost puppy. The dog was abused by the single parent Jack lived with and one morning the dog decided to run away from home. Jack gets into a fight with his parent & decides to leave as well so he can find his best friend, the puppy. He goes from town to town, city to city & after awhile his friends report him missing... So of course everyone from his town begins looking for him.  He avoids the police at all costs once he learns that they are looking for him  because he's dedicated to continuing his mission... He ends up going quite far & ends up sleeping at random peoples homes.. Jack's visit to each one of these homes is very short because once he  realizes  they're about to call the authorities, he heads out the window in the middle of the night. As time passes the plot of the movie changes from "the puppy search" to a wild and exciting adventure for Jack... He ends up in the ghetto where he finds shelter at a families home who understands his situation & takes him in. He learns how to fight & fend for himself but when the police catch on he leaves... The movie begins to shift gears and the audience slowly begins to forget about "the puppy" As his journey progresses he begins to meet so many new people.  Jack discovers his musical abilities at church where he finds a group of people that take him in, similar to the movie August Rush.  He is adopted & goes back to school. (details are still being worked out here folks, bear with me) the authorities catch up to him but his mentor finds a friend in another location who takes him in & home schools him.. His journey continues with a trip that extends all across the country as he grows up on the road..  Jack's adventure begins to seem like the movie  "Into the Wild" where he gets acquainted with nature & lives in the mountains but unlike the main character in the movie "into the Wild" he survives & makes it out. He finds his way into the city life where the movie changes into a plot similar to the movie "Limitless" but a little bit more realistic. Once he starts to become successful He ends up meeting a girl that was part of the church group he was involved with earlier in this movie...  She  sang in the same choir  but they never really had a chance to get acquainted until now. They never spoke because his first day at the church coincidentally was her last, but it was still love at first sight for Jack.... Anyway, He ends up successful and making a name for himself in the city just like in the movie Limitless, except in this movie there is slightly more of a romantic connection between Jack and his girlfriend. Another similarity between this movie and Limitless is the final scene.  they are sitting down for dinner at a Japanese restaurant except in this movie the scene ends with her asking him a question. Jill says, "I meant to ask what brought you this far, why did you even begin this adventure"  So.......  Jack replies, " Oh yeah, I was looking for my puppy"

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