Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Garden

i came to the fork in the road & went straight, ignored the sign, jumped the fence & busted open the gate.. into the garden where i was greeted by stares from strange faces. i'm a criminal for crashing the party but i'll be gone without leaving any traces. i looked right into them, eyes glazed, with a smile so wide ... high from the adrenaline that i was experiencing inside.  A private festival had taken over in this secluded place. Curiosity aroused on each & every face. My name flew through the garden from lips to ears, by a cluster of individuals who knew each other for years. i politely interrupted this man annoying a fine lady, she was upset  because i woke her up, but still pleased to meet me.  small talk occupyied the scene, reminded her of the same story so we took off to explore unchartered territory. The ink we spill along the way will illustrate how we live, transparent, with nothing to hide. We're the authors of our adventure, the New version of Bonnie & Clyde.. wild dreams paint the streets with our own dezign. We burned down the Box, & unlike Cash we will never walk the line. when the sun sets & Dusk enters we never count sheep. Instead we daydream of wolves who run free & don't fall asleep. These are the thoughts that ease our mindz instead. until the sun rises, the spot in the garden is where we'll lay go to bed.

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