Tuesday, June 11, 2013

La Rage oV Jane Doe

Pass a microphone to the voiceless then amplify the sound.  Every word that's released begins to shake the ground. richtor scale on overload, spreading throughout the nation. Predators run for cover on a permanent vacation. She holds back tears while revealing her story. Pumping fists in the air, unleashing her fury. Now the streets become filled with voices that refuse to be silenced..... branding their marks on the backs of those who attempted to conceal the violence. This is not just a news story, it's the story of Jane Doe. She now possesses the megaphone.... the entire city is about to blow.

 the Voices oV Jane Does everywhere will no longer be silenced. They will be heard, by any means necessary. La Rage is a music video that depicts the intensity that was felt while I wrote the words above.  

"the jane doe choir" below was edited by myself. these are random clips from "occupy steubenville"  with music by Muse & the shins

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  1. i don't know how i ran into your blog but my coworkers and i are listening to your videos right now. la rage!! yeah!!!