Sunday, January 30, 2011

The sky is blue... the sky is blue... the sky is an array of colors

Here is my perspective on conversation related to stereotypes. We already know what they are. We've heard them over and over again. So, what is the point of talking about what we already know constantly. It really doesn't accomplish anything, nor is it entertaining so why do people do it? Take a walk with me through the City of Life and lets explore. I get out of my car & begin walking down the street. I pass by a coffee shop where people are having a conversation about how Most Women think a certain way about a particular issue vs how most men think about an issue. So, i walk across the street and overhear another conversation. This one is about how most people in their 20's are interested in certain activities & when they reach their 40's they'll end up losing interest in those activities because they will change as they age. I pass them by and walk a few blocks further & grab a bite to eat. At this restaurant I stumble upon another group of people. They talk about the differences between the majority of newleywed couples & how their mentallities differ from a couple who has been married for 30 years. I finally make my way to the park where I sit down so I can enjoy my lunch. A group of people sitting near me are having a discussion as well. Their topic is sports & how the majority of athletes in that particular sport begin to lose their edge at age 35. All day as I travel through the city I hear the same song and dance that I've heard a million times before. So I turn to the group & I bring up the fact that there are exceptions. They look at me, laugh a little bit & say; "yeah, but those exceptions are very rare so why bother talking about them" I respond, well "why bother talking about what we already know over and over again" It's like if I said, "the sky is blue" and then 10 minutes later i repeated myself and said "the sky is blue" and i kept saying it over and over again. Eventually someone would tell me to shut the f**k up. We already know the sky is blue so why the f**k do you keep saying it..... Would that make any sense? think about it. Plus, sometimes the sky is grey, other times it's black, sometimes it's a combination of many colors... talk about that instead because at least its more interesting.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I just don't get it. Do you?

I cannot understand the whole paparazzi scene one bit because the whole thing still seems to confuse me a great deal. Where should I begin. Well for starters there have been a few situations in which ive seen paparazzis film that should be illegal. I have spoken to people who have said that it is perfectly legal to shoot pictures of celebrities at any time and any place. So, what I will do is give you a hypothetical scenario & you be the judge. Lets say I decide to go out to downtown Hartford on a Saturday night for example. For all those who are familiar, please for a moment, try and picture this situation. . Obviously the story I’m about to tell is fictional & I would never do the following but just imagine If I did……. Let’s say I am in downtown Hartford with my camera on a very busy Saturday evening. As people begin exiting the bars & clubs I pick a couple women out of the crowd and begin to follow them as they are walking down the street. Are you imagining this situation? Okay, so I’ll proceed… Now, lets pretend as they’re walking , I start snapping photos of them & begin to get closer so that I am right in front of their face. As they walk, I am in front of them walking backwards snapping away with my camera. they start to become agitated and tell me to leave them alone. Instead of listening I continue to follow them and snap pictures. Now a few blocks away next to a club called “on the rocks”, there are also quite a few police cars with police officers standing in front of their vehicles patrolling the area as they normally do. I ignore them, similar to what a paparazzi in LA does and I continue to follow the women closely constantly snapping pictures in their face. Now, they begin to shout at me and tell me to get the f**k out of their face but I continue snapping photos. As we approach the intersection where all the police officers are stationed, I continue on my mission to photograph the two women. Now picture those police officers just standing there doing nothing about the situation. Picture those officers telling the two women who are complaining about me that there is nothing they can do about it. Then picture the two women walking past those officers and me continuing to photograph them as they walk to their car. For those who know the area and have read this, ask yourself. Would I have gotten away with something like that? Again, I would never do such a thing but im just trying to paint a picture here. Just the thought of something like this being allowed is completely ridiculous….. So, if this situation that I described is so ridiculous then why is it that the paparazzis in Los Angeles get away with shit like this all the time & it is viewed as normal behavior? Is society suggesting that this type of action is acceptable as long as the individual being harassed is a celebrity? Is it okay in certain locations but not in other locations? Why aren’t more of these situations questioned? I just don't get it. Do you?