Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Love Bomb State of Mind! (the love drop team remix)

i created my own rhyme using the Empire State of Mind song as an outline for this blog.  to visit the love drop team site click  

yeah their droppin love bombs on so many families. giving out toys & much needed necessities. travelin the distance all across the nation. putting smiles on faces fueling inspiration. You can catch J money chillin with Nathan St Pierre. droppin gifts for people who can't help but shed a tear. this is the scene at nation. the once blessed some folks with a well deserved vacation. representin since the '09 but they'll be around for a long while.. making moves, droppin bombs that'll never go out of style.. at Love boooooomb.. a crew that keeps on rockin the naaaatioooon. they got their own t shiiiiirts. over at Love booooomb.. whether road trip or aiiiirline, they always arrive on tiiiiiime.. over at Love Bomb, Love Bomb, Love Booooomb!

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