Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Love Bomb State of Mind! (the love drop team remix)

i created my own rhyme using the Empire State of Mind song as an outline for this blog.  to visit the love drop team site click  http://www.lovedrop.us/  

yeah their droppin love bombs on so many families. giving out toys & much needed necessities. travelin the distance all across the nation. putting smiles on faces fueling inspiration. You can catch J money chillin with Nathan St Pierre. droppin gifts for people who can't help but shed a tear. this is the scene at nation. the once blessed some folks with a well deserved vacation. representin since the '09 but they'll be around for a long while.. making moves, droppin bombs that'll never go out of style.. at Love boooooomb.. a crew that keeps on rockin the naaaatioooon. they got their own t shiiiiirts. over at Love booooomb.. whether road trip or aiiiirline, they always arrive on tiiiiiime.. over at Love Bomb, Love Bomb, Love Booooomb!

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