Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We've Got 99 Problems but We Can't Feel A 1

Ive got 99 problems & she makes them all disappear as they're importance seems to vanish while they soar through the air... diminish into almost nothing & evaporate across the lake.... Feels like Magic, how that just happened. It feels like we've known each other forever & the sense of freedom we both feel to explore each other without fear, no hesitation. is this real? i ask, as i pinch myself so i can feel... feel the sharpness & maybe i might go back to reality but im already living it. i want to make sure i didn't just doze off so i pull my hair.. but im still here... words are translated into glances that only we share. but where do we go from here... If we ever drift apart, at least we'll always have this... this moment, this kiss, this will wipe all the hell away.... on any given day, just close your eyes & remember this moment... its ours now & forever; we own it, Our Loyalty stronger than bonnie n clyde, the good version that is, tighter than that of the two kids who pinky swore by the tree. Deeper than anything you can imagine, than you'll ever see.... a romance that even the Notebook hasn't fully captured.... nothing like it in the world. So, If you're having minor problems i feel bad for you son. We've got 99 problems but We can't feel a 1!

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