Monday, March 7, 2011


It's a state of mind
 A combination of moments throughout the years colliding together.
 It's the sharpened awareness of the environment built from wisdom with the innocence remaining.
It's  A spontaneous joyride that leads to unchartered territory opening up a window 4 exploration
 my thoughts roam freely allowing my mind to open up to new experiences.
  these feelings marinate inside leaving a mark that will never be forgotten
I enjoy exotic cuisine  letting my taste buds indulge in all kinds of flavors i haven't tasted before
followed by a trip to a local basketball court where i take jump shots for fun.,
 i  take a walk afterwards to a gallery where i can learn about new treasures that might be found overseas: 
then make my way to a park or even a lake where i can dive in swim around and do the backstroke as i take a break..
 It feels as if i have miles of space even in a small place. 
the ocean exudes a calm yet powerful breeze that is  felt throughout my body.
It's a force that awakens the mind and sets me free as the sound of the water splashes.
I envision my future while I reminisce back to a time where i also felt like this.
the feeling is in the present : genuine and true
this moment is old but yet it is so new
laughter ringing through the air & adults playing as kids all around
my mind is in the clouds when the sand is my ground
my mood is elevated and im taken back to my youth

No matter how fast or slow whatever speed I travel the ocean will go.
Im young again, Im free again,i play however i wish in this sea of imagination.

I feel a continuous flow of increased ecstasy relaxing in a place where i can just be me.
I lay down & dream while im awake.  
I picture a jumpshot at the end of a professional basketball game similar to a child in a park
Just a smile on a face and a shot for fun without any desire of adding points.
A love for the sport shining through on a court where normally winning matters so much......

It's an element that feeds all those around once one begins this amazing domino affect
It's the bliss of a first kiss along with the feeling of a matured romance running through the body.
The aroma of a finely aged wine with a butterfly in the stomach feeling of a playful glance exchanged in the air. 
It's a powerful sensation so genuine and natural
It lives inside and sets off vibes all around
A blend of so many elements like a tree that breeds infinite branches.
It's a feeling that lives inside me and you
so i call it Q

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