Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kill Rape Culture

Once upon a time a man named Mr Smith asked his twitter followers this question: "If you had a daughter and she was going out to a party with guys drinking would you let her go out looking like a slut?"
At first I rolled my eyes unsurprised by Mr Smith's ignorance which seems to be prevalent throughout our society.  I wasn't even going to bother but then decided to respond to Mr Smith's question with.....

Well Mr Smith heres the thing,

If the next generation has sons who are as repulsed by rape as they should be then you won't need to worry about their daughters appearance.  Hell, if we just make our generation shift the blame from the victim to the perpetrator and recognize rape as an act of violence rather than a natural hazard we won't even notice clothing.
So the question becomes, If you had a son who was going to a party where girls were drinking, would you let him go knowing he had the ability to touch someones daughter without her consent?
You should focus on raising a son who can handle himself properly regardless of the girls attire or lack there of. Then parents won't have to worry about what their daughter wears because sons who rape will no longer exist.

 Mr Smith replies: "Oh but they do exist & they're at those parties"

Me: Well, THATS the problem.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

La Rage oV Jane Doe

Pass a microphone to the voiceless then amplify the sound.  Every word that's released begins to shake the ground. richtor scale on overload, spreading throughout the nation. Predators run for cover on a permanent vacation. She holds back tears while revealing her story. Pumping fists in the air, unleashing her fury. Now the streets become filled with voices that refuse to be silenced..... branding their marks on the backs of those who attempted to conceal the violence. This is not just a news story, it's the story of Jane Doe. She now possesses the megaphone.... the entire city is about to blow.

 the Voices oV Jane Does everywhere will no longer be silenced. They will be heard, by any means necessary. La Rage is a music video that depicts the intensity that was felt while I wrote the words above.  

"the jane doe choir" below was edited by myself. these are random clips from "occupy steubenville"  with music by Muse & the shins

Saturday, June 1, 2013

bonfire party while the piano plays....

this isn't an intro, it's the finale.  fuck it, it's both.  runnin through the valley... lighting up every pile of sticks on the terrain. bonfire party, this shit'll be insane.... your presence will activate your invitation. and take these tourists for an adventure, fuck their guidebook filled vacation. they're hoping those pages fulfill their darkest fantasies without disrupting the flow of their current reality.... but this volcano has been building up for a long time.....  i hear the melody of the piano keys fighting frantically, waiting for your rhyme.........

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kool Story Bro, but your priorities are a bit tilted (OccupySteubenville)

I recently stumbled upon Lee Stranahan's post on wordpress which he entitled "Steubenville Rape Case: Everything You Know is Wrong"

So, i read through his article & viewed a few responses from his supporters. you can find his piece by clicking "Lee Stranahan's post" below & my response to his piece can be found once/if he ever approves it.

BELOW IS MY RESPONSE TO Lee Stranahan's post

"Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible." is what Lee Stranahan listed as the number one headline used by Occupy Steubenville supporters, Anonymous, and Knight Sec
I've spent a considerable amount of my time & focus on occupy steubenville and have never heard this line phrased in this exact manner. Stranahan has created a list of sayings which you may have seen in his article, that he feels represent what Occupy Steaubenville is attempting to communicate. Maybe one or two individuals quoted those exact words but it's ludicrous to categorize thousands of people based on what is said by a few. However, i have heard lines such as, "Law enforcement in Steubenville is affected by corruption" "Jane Doe is not receiving the support she deserves after being brutally raped" "The sheriff has not given this matter the attention it deserves". Seriously speaking, that last one is not only true of steubenville or football players or the swim team for that matter. It is true regarding rape culture throughout the entire nation. The current laws governing all forms of sexual assault are far too lenient. I have seen adults over the age of 25 with multiple sexual assault offenses under their belt, walk out of jail after only two years. this my friend is bigger than steubenville, this particular case was simply the straw that broke the camels back. Yes, this truly is a battle but not one against patriotism or conservatism or football. This is a battle against rape culture, the attitudes about rape, the ignorant ideologies held by many, lenient attitudes/laws/jokes regarding incidences of rape. We have to start somewhere and we cannot lose this battle because if that happens then we all lose, unless you're a rapist of course. Whether you realize it or not we're all affected by the views that society holds regarding sex, the treatment of women, etc. . Also, i've noticed that Stranahan & others alike have associated Anonymous and other supporters of occupy steubenville as being avid protestors against sports in general especially football. Football and sports in general is definitely not the issue. That is simply an excuse to steer focus away from the issue at hand & turn it into a pro sport vs anti sport battle. I myself have played and enjoyed watching sports my whole life. I love sports so by generalizing everyone stating that none of us enjoy sports or have pride for our country is completely untrue. Ive played soccer my entire life, basketball for a few years & loved all of the Philadelphia Eages and NY Jets games Ive attended dating back to Randall Cunningham along with the lineup of authentic nfl jerseys I've collected throughout the years. During my cross country trips in 2005 - 2007 I made it a point to stop off in Texas for a few days just so I could catch the Friday night extravaganzas held in various small towns. Communities who were ignited with enthusiasm for the game & I loved it. yes i did & believe it or not, I'm Anonymous. I realize that folks who think like Stranahan may view this as shocking but that's part of the problem. A culture of generalizations, prejudices, attitudes toward an entire group of people that are simply untrue in many instances. All of these elements are connected and Anonymous is simply making efforts, out of our own free time, without pay, to creating change especially with this Occupy movement in ohio. Stranahan has chosen to take the low road on several occasions throughout his relentless efforts in exposing every minute error made by knight sec, a group of people who simply want justice for this 16 year old girl. Stranahan has dedicated air time discussing & analyzing every flaw he believes knight sec has made. the bottom line, whether the info gathered on the rape crew was 85%, 95%, or 100% accurate, these findings were gathered through the investigative work of #OccupySteubenville, not the police department. The steubenville police department failed to continue all investigations against the rapists and those involved in the rape of Jane Doe
Now, We all make errors, nobody is perfect & no system is perfect as im sure Stranahan and his supporters are aware of. So, i ask Stranahan, why focus on the few errors Knight Sec may have made. Why not focus on the crowd of folks who were united by love? A group of thousands who endured frigid temperatures for the hours spent gathered outside the courthouse, in support of Jane Doe; not because it was their job to do so but because they wanted to. We will Bring justice to Jane Doe, it may take awhile, they're will be obstacles along the way but it will happen, it must happen. We are doing this to destroy a rape culture mentallity that has  infected our universe for far too long ! it starts with a small town in the midwest and it will spread. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Silvia (Part 2)

Who is this Silvia person this guy keeps mentioning. she must be tres sheik with a dash of freak, in the way she laughs when there is no joke. the Girl is into yoga so she will not toke.. a simple girl who is faithful with a side of danger. She dances as she walks & will even smile at a stranger. Pilates style movements at any given time.. She speaks without saying a word, more effectively than a Mime. The Shadows on the Wall mirror her flow of grace.  white walls feel emotion as the world opens its doors. only to disappear without a trace.  a sequel of her dancing soul will be painted when winged creatures sing their wake up song. the concert continues. consistent as the Break of Dawn.  The kiss  of her harmonious melody sends my body into a trance as Her song fills my mind long before we even meet .  She's the one that makes my heart sweat.  the one that'd make me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all through the night... , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its on like donkey kong, from Halloween to Christmas. She's  like a drug that lasts forever & I have a limitless supply.  Just think about her for a moment and her presence stops by.... I'm fascinated like curious George by how her mind works and why. Girl's just wanna have fun, maybe she's the same girl who cyndi lauper used to play.  that type of woman who is, "hey girl all day."  so if i met her this way then i'd like to stay.... let's just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but a remix where there is no crown, & we just laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down...   Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%,  because nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent.  A clown in front of the mirror when she's getting ready with her friends,  for no reason... Fuck the Dating Game, its time for Silvia, this is a Hey Girl season.  Her laugh & smiles just burst & alwayz come first, the body comes later.. that's how we both want it, our forbidden flavor.  I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from the end....  Silvia is on my hit list, my goddess, my love, and my new best friend.......  kick that shit Dre...   </div>