Sunday, January 29, 2012

U Know

People Don't Change, They Just Become More Like Themselves. I've heard this statement before, on more than a few occasions & this is my interpretation of it.

Sometimes others may think you're changing but maybe you're just becoming more in touch with yourself & that's a good thing. Maybe, the person you thought you were wasn't really you. you may have not realized that you were trying to fit in simply to appease others. You may just be realizing that you never knew who you were until a certain point in your life when it all begins to come together. When you come to that realization, thats a good thing. So, before you take too many steps forward in one direction, relax. Don't rush . The direction you walk will obviously lead you to who YOU will be so don't walk too fast, let it mature like wine, slowly, genuinely. Keep learning about yourself until your subconscious mind completely aligns with your conscious mind. Until your conscious state agrees with your natural reactions. When that happens, everything you add along the way will be added to the real you… If the foundation is solid before you decorate the house then living in the house will be alot more pleasurable…if the foundation is unsteady then the house will collapse or continuously experience damage by obstacles that you won’t understand.. It all leads to you. Whether its your fault or not, you’re the one that has to deal with the situations that arise in your life. If you have a thorough understanding of yourself then you will have gained peace of mind. Peace of mind that the decisions you make are the ones that are right for you. Experiences in this world may collide with what you believe from time to time. They test us, they introduce themselves to us, they greet us. How we deal with them, whether we choose to battle, to ignore, to embrace, to laugh, or a combination of those will give us the answers we need.. the answers to questions you may have asked yourself. was that me or was that someone i thought i was supposed to be. Did i react, or did my emotions react.. Reflecting on these moments without analyzing them too deeply supply us with answers. So, the challenge isn't change but instead, learning more about ourselves... Once that happens, Change is Natural!              

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