Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kill Rape Culture

Once upon a time a man named Mr Smith asked his twitter followers this question: "If you had a daughter and she was going out to a party with guys drinking would you let her go out looking like a slut?"
At first I rolled my eyes unsurprised by Mr Smith's ignorance which seems to be prevalent throughout our society.  I wasn't even going to bother but then decided to respond to Mr Smith's question with.....

Well Mr Smith heres the thing,

If the next generation has sons who are as repulsed by rape as they should be then you won't need to worry about their daughters appearance.  Hell, if we just make our generation shift the blame from the victim to the perpetrator and recognize rape as an act of violence rather than a natural hazard we won't even notice clothing.
So the question becomes, If you had a son who was going to a party where girls were drinking, would you let him go knowing he had the ability to touch someones daughter without her consent?
You should focus on raising a son who can handle himself properly regardless of the girls attire or lack there of. Then parents won't have to worry about what their daughter wears because sons who rape will no longer exist.

 Mr Smith replies: "Oh but they do exist & they're at those parties"

Me: Well, THATS the problem.   

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