Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a piece of my mind, translated into words

i run the streets like Will Ferrell in the movie Old School, but im not frank the tank, so just call me Aldo Q. i didn't know which way to go but kept on jogging anyway. a reporter asked what i was doing, i said what forest gump would say..  never covered myself in clothes while i tried to  figure it out, instead i stripped my attire, transparency was my new route.
My decision to run wild & feel everything around me led to an ingestion of infinite particles to enter my body. i allowed some of it to grow and become a part of me then threw up all the waste that i didn't want to be. see, love conquers all and this statement is profound.... so i belittle hate in creative ways removing any foul sound. shrinking that monster making it 10 times smaller, because once that attitude meets love, its corrosion is devoured...  replaced with a feeling in which the stench cannot exist.... i'll contribute to new ideas while putting hate on my hit list.....

i might create a sequel to the movie "UNINVITED" and become an attorney defending Anna, cause that's how I'd write it...
then tell her dad he did a lousy job, cause he banged their nanny while he was ignoring their mom. these are the thoughts that enter my brain.. expression is the kiss of life, relieves all strain.
See, i am the ghost and yes i mean all of this, don't let anyone drain you of your current bliss. there is nobody that can stop you or bring you down unless you focus on their ignorant and beligerent sound.... NOBODY can tame the lion inside of you, drain you, maintain you, or make you blue...... just look in their eyes, smile and they'll feel shame, because the whole time they were fake and underminded the game
love is a battlefield that involves soldiers of all types, those that take it for granted, those who feel it and those who are full of hype... whether you agree or don't  like what i have to say, my presence will stay. It won't leave....  not now or anyday.

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