Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kool Story Bro, but your priorities are a bit tilted (OccupySteubenville)

I recently stumbled upon Lee Stranahan's post on wordpress which he entitled "Steubenville Rape Case: Everything You Know is Wrong"

So, i read through his article & viewed a few responses from his supporters. you can find his piece by clicking "Lee Stranahan's post" below & my response to his piece can be found once/if he ever approves it.

BELOW IS MY RESPONSE TO Lee Stranahan's post

"Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible." is what Lee Stranahan listed as the number one headline used by Occupy Steubenville supporters, Anonymous, and Knight Sec
I've spent a considerable amount of my time & focus on occupy steubenville and have never heard this line phrased in this exact manner. Stranahan has created a list of sayings which you may have seen in his article, that he feels represent what Occupy Steaubenville is attempting to communicate. Maybe one or two individuals quoted those exact words but it's ludicrous to categorize thousands of people based on what is said by a few. However, i have heard lines such as, "Law enforcement in Steubenville is affected by corruption" "Jane Doe is not receiving the support she deserves after being brutally raped" "The sheriff has not given this matter the attention it deserves". Seriously speaking, that last one is not only true of steubenville or football players or the swim team for that matter. It is true regarding rape culture throughout the entire nation. The current laws governing all forms of sexual assault are far too lenient. I have seen adults over the age of 25 with multiple sexual assault offenses under their belt, walk out of jail after only two years. this my friend is bigger than steubenville, this particular case was simply the straw that broke the camels back. Yes, this truly is a battle but not one against patriotism or conservatism or football. This is a battle against rape culture, the attitudes about rape, the ignorant ideologies held by many, lenient attitudes/laws/jokes regarding incidences of rape. We have to start somewhere and we cannot lose this battle because if that happens then we all lose, unless you're a rapist of course. Whether you realize it or not we're all affected by the views that society holds regarding sex, the treatment of women, etc. . Also, i've noticed that Stranahan & others alike have associated Anonymous and other supporters of occupy steubenville as being avid protestors against sports in general especially football. Football and sports in general is definitely not the issue. That is simply an excuse to steer focus away from the issue at hand & turn it into a pro sport vs anti sport battle. I myself have played and enjoyed watching sports my whole life. I love sports so by generalizing everyone stating that none of us enjoy sports or have pride for our country is completely untrue. Ive played soccer my entire life, basketball for a few years & loved all of the Philadelphia Eages and NY Jets games Ive attended dating back to Randall Cunningham along with the lineup of authentic nfl jerseys I've collected throughout the years. During my cross country trips in 2005 - 2007 I made it a point to stop off in Texas for a few days just so I could catch the Friday night extravaganzas held in various small towns. Communities who were ignited with enthusiasm for the game & I loved it. yes i did & believe it or not, I'm Anonymous. I realize that folks who think like Stranahan may view this as shocking but that's part of the problem. A culture of generalizations, prejudices, attitudes toward an entire group of people that are simply untrue in many instances. All of these elements are connected and Anonymous is simply making efforts, out of our own free time, without pay, to creating change especially with this Occupy movement in ohio. Stranahan has chosen to take the low road on several occasions throughout his relentless efforts in exposing every minute error made by knight sec, a group of people who simply want justice for this 16 year old girl. Stranahan has dedicated air time discussing & analyzing every flaw he believes knight sec has made. the bottom line, whether the info gathered on the rape crew was 85%, 95%, or 100% accurate, these findings were gathered through the investigative work of #OccupySteubenville, not the police department. The steubenville police department failed to continue all investigations against the rapists and those involved in the rape of Jane Doe
Now, We all make errors, nobody is perfect & no system is perfect as im sure Stranahan and his supporters are aware of. So, i ask Stranahan, why focus on the few errors Knight Sec may have made. Why not focus on the crowd of folks who were united by love? A group of thousands who endured frigid temperatures for the hours spent gathered outside the courthouse, in support of Jane Doe; not because it was their job to do so but because they wanted to. We will Bring justice to Jane Doe, it may take awhile, they're will be obstacles along the way but it will happen, it must happen. We are doing this to destroy a rape culture mentallity that has  infected our universe for far too long ! it starts with a small town in the midwest and it will spread. 

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