Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Design My Mind

Designer clothes, string bikinis, tight pants, some think sex appeal. high heels, fake attitude, looks that kill.. yeah thats okay, but i'd rather go home and watch a movie... see, i prefer your natural flow because  thats what  moves me. yes its true i like a gal that sasses..... but i think it's hot when you wear overalls, ponytails & glasses. what's her name on Garden State, do you remember the movie?! thats not just a woman, thats a goddess, something revolutionary...  that's what makes me grip the handle bars tight, butterflies in my stomach all damn night... .. , my heart pumps, skin sweats, i no longer can resist..... Once we both feel the flow its  on from Halloween to Christmas.  once the new year hits passion escalates & never dies down..... mental > physical, that's where the ecstasy is found...  etch your fantasies into my mind, make love to it slowly, boldly, as you orchestrate my body... our statues move in synchronization. A trip that started with a simple kiss led to this unforgettable destination

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