Sunday, June 3, 2012

she looks to her left & says "Hey Girl"

i don't really have a hook but im just gonna flow to this...  a hey girl turns to her friend and would just sing to this...  whispers in her ear and just laughs all day....  girls wanna have fun, thats what cyndi lauper used to say.  all joy, all play, its hey girl all day.  if i met you this way, i'd like you  to stay....  and just roll down the hill like in the story Jack and Jill... but there is no crown, & we laugh at whoever tumbles all the way down...   Then the probability of chemistry would be 99%, nothing is for sure, except for Mimes who don't speak and the 1st of the month rent.  A clown in front of the mirror when youre getting ready for no reason... F the Dating Game, its time for a Hey Girl season.  Her laughs & smiles come first, the body comes later.. that'll always be my preferred flavor.  I'm done for now but this rhyme is far from done....  Hey Girl, just have some fun.  

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