Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hidden Gem

a hidden gem
born with a twisted elegance
shines brightly with a unique intelligence
for years so many have been unaware
of the gem's magnificence; now they stop & stare.
Attempting to diagnose every fabric of its being.
Unable to understand what it is that they're seeing.
no evidence is buried because there is nothing to hide.
instead of sleeping in closets, the skeletons   wake up and ride.
what may have been a mystery to myself and so many of my peers
now seems so different, and there really is nothing to fear.
the side thats been buried for so long climbs to the surface & breaks out.
& is out in the open now so you know what it's about

its warming up outside as the cold is almost gone.

 revealing a bond that i now see has been alive all along.
so If they begin to yell next door & try to provoke a fight
the world is ours anyway so Let's Light up the Night! 

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