Friday, March 27, 2015

i Stand With Survivors #TheresNoPerfectVictim #EndCampusRape

 ‬#TheresNoPerfectVictim Survivors of sexual assault are often times accused of lying if they fail to follow particular procedures in a timely manner after they've been raped. We have seen this time and time again. I'm referring to those rape claims where a survivor is doubted and scrutinized if their actions don't fit the criteria of rational behavior. When a survivors story doesn't seem to add up or if law enforcement isn't contacted immediately the red flags are thrown. Several investigations have ended prematurely once a victim fails to remember specifics or if an attempt to contact the accused is discovered. Intimate partner violence is rarely considered especially when survivors contact the accused to gain closure afterwards. The truth is most survivors don't remember details or behave in a manner that most would perceive as logical. You know why? Well it's probably because they were raped, violated, traumatized. Are people regularly trained to handle the psychological effects of sexual assault? No they're not and they shouldn't be. It is not the survivors responsibility to equip themselves so they can be "The Perfect Victim" Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that leaves a person disoriented, shocked, repulsed, unable to trust and left searching for answers at times. they may prefer to be alone or forget that it happened so their mind can recover from the nightmare. Has it ever crossed your mind that survivors may need time to heal. The mind and body are connected in a manner that leaves a victim disoriented after a violation of this magnitude occurs. facts are distorted, the order of events changes but some parts are clear as day. None of this seems rational but then again it shouldn't be. That's why it is necessary for people to remove any expectations of how survivors should feel, act, or what they should do. When you set these types of expectations responsibility is being placed on the victim instead of those who violated them. Instead, look at the person who is being accused of raping another human being if you wish to focus on irrational behavior or analyze ones psychological state. Rape is far from rational so why would anyone expect the victim to behave in a rational manner?? makes no sense. Rape is far from perfect which is why this expectation of a perfect victim is insane and until you realize this, you are part of the problem. 

visit TheresNoPerfectVictim + iStandWithJackie both facebook pages i created which were inspired by twitter campaigns to #EndCampusRape along with addressing the prevalence of sexual violence & intimate partner violence in our culture. Special thanks to Wagatwe Sara Wanjuki & Julie Zeilinger creators of  #TheresNoPerfectVictim hashtag for targeting this "Perfect Victim" narrative.

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