Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love is the Headline

There are certain things nobody should tolerate in a relationship. There are certain key factors that should exist for the relationship to be a successful and fulfilling one for both individuals. However, is it really necessary to follow a guide or a set of rules per say?  I don't believe so. If you truly find Love then the person you're with will respect you and you will respect them instinctively. True Love is the only rule and will provide both love and respect. You can find someone who fits your definition of the ideal person, has common interests, shares similar beliefs and respects you but that doesn't mean they are your true love. However, if the person you're with is your true love then they will automatically respect you and any disagreements will work themselves out naturally or may even give you a new perspective. You will not attempt to change them and vice versa. You will both grow at your own pace, learn, evolve, and naturally become the people you were meant to become throughout your years together. This may not provide you with the answers you seek. However, in this world, the only answer is YOU. Regardless of what you believe YOU create with every new step you take & every decision you make. if you choose to open any book that provides you with a set of rules, make sure you learn to do something else FIRST. Open your eyes and allow yourself to see a persons soul before anything else. Love is the most important; it's the headline.

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