Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is that a Heart on your sleeve or is it just a symbol of what you think you believe.

I'm confused so please clarify what you are saying... if free thinking is what you preach then there should be no slaying. when you attack those holding signs that you feel preach hate..... A violent reaction will only cause the madness to elevate. A war may be born from getting in peoples faces which results in destruction & only violence will leave its traces... this is not a request, there will be an absense of physical fighting... if a rock is thrown in anger, prepare for thunder & lightning.... take this as an opportunity to learn about those you don't know... regardless of the signs they hold, only then you will grow. when you arrive with a vengeful heart & shoot vicious bullets in their way, the Love symbol on your neck will bleed, & that heart on your sleeve will slowly decay... Leaving you thinking about what you did... the vulgar swinging in the direction of that little kid.. if you let anger overcome your reason... you'll only defeat the peace sign & be found guilty of treason... a traitor to yourself and the words that you speak... represent the button you wear with action, if peace is what you seek

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  1. i find that people have an easy time showing love to those they like but thats not enough. thank you for writing this.