Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaders of the New School

The issues that arise in the parks, stem from the actions of only a small percentage .. The true OWS (protestors) or as i call them (peaceful individuals who publically speak their mind about creating Change) which by the way has been encouraged by society when we've been told time & time again to GET INVOLVED & VOTE, are the majority in the parks. We have been encouraged by Presidents who have said to the people "Let your voices be heard" I mean, Nobody arrested Howard Dean when he went on a frenzy & the whole entire place went wild.. okay, maybe that's a bad example.. When Obama ran for president & demanded CHANGE he drew a crowd that filled the streets.. When ONE person behind a podium who is dressed in a 3 piece suit delivers a powerful speech that stirs up the crowd, they are commended. They are not called PROTESTORS, they're called LEADERS! why is this any different? When ONE person stands behind a podium in a 3 piece suit its called "The American Way" its called being "Patriotic" to attend & get involved in the whole process. People wear buttons with names on them & wave signs in the air.. The stars & stripes wave proudly while police clear the streets so this process won't be disturbed. The VOTERS, the AMERICAN PEOPLE gather When ONE person delivers that speech behind the podium .. Well, this is the same thing except it gets even better because the occupy movement involves "MANY" It involves "MANY" Americans who are doing the same thing but without a 3 piece suit & a podium. Yet, they are not commended, they're called Protestors.. Anyway, These people I speak of are dedicated to the movement & aren't residing in those Parks to cause problems. In any city across America, a public park that is opened to everyone will end up attracting a few individuals whose motives may not be positive, this is true.. Hello, what i just described is REAL LIFE everywhere. That has been going on for years in cities across the world. In almost every neighborhood, condominium complex, hotel, street, school, etc... there will be individuals present who end up causing problems. When that happens, does the city shut down the entire school & call it a failure? Does the city walk into an apartment or condominium complex & order every one to move out because there is a group of drug dealers living in unit 18.. of course they don't so why are you treating the occupiers any differently. This is part of the problem, don't you see that. The problem is that these folks who started all of this, who want to be heard just like the person in front of the podium, have been looked down upon by individuals in authority from day one... They should be commended for the time they spend contributing to this movement, for caring so much about the direction this country is headed in.. They should be respected, not treated poorly. They should receive protection from the law, not be punished. They are not a problem. The few bad apples who create a disturbance won't suffer from evictions.. They'll just move to another location & cause those problems elsewhere. The vandals or drug dealers or people who provoke fights will just set up shop in a new place... while the true occupiers get kicked out of their home base. that's not right.  The Mayor who comes up with an idea that allows occupiers to continue with their movement, while removing the problem will be the true LEADER. That Individual will open NEW DOORS because they came up with a solution that nobody else thought of.. If another mayor calls for eviction they will be no different than what we already know & that's not CHANGE.. that's more of the same. It's a quick solution to the problem, a minor patch over a wound, if you will. A Wound that won't go away unless someone in a leadership position finds a way to help that Wound heal properly. We were never a nation of people who were taught to give up. So, don't give up on a cause that has the potential to blossom into something beautiful. Instead do what I did, learn more about it first. So my advice, meet the protestors, im sorry... I mean, meet the Leaders of the New School!

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