Friday, July 8, 2011

Sounds of the Street

An afternoon walk in an unknown town led me to a busy intersection where the humidity kept everyone tightly packed in their vehicles. Tucked away in tiny air conditioned carts each in their own little world.
 I was the only one walking.  I drifted through a maze designed by a string of boxes on wheels hogging the pavement. As I approached the traffic light i noticed a couple in an suv. Their foreheads up against each others as they engaged in a deep staring contest of pure bliss which slowly led to their lips touching.   just two people enjoying one another in such an  intensely passionate manner where every moment seemed to move in slow motion.  Looking around to see if anyone was watching, their bodies moved quietly to the side.... Meanwhile, a few vehicles ahead of them, two others made their presence known as they shouted vulgar comments at each other from their cars, out in the open, without an ounce of shame.  They seemed proud of their verbal attacks as they struck each other with words that shot out of their bodies fueled by pure anger.  the noise they produced rang through the streets like a loud bell, the sound all too familiar and boring.... Suddenly the image of the couple reappeared in my mind and a new song emerged from inside of me. this new song energized and moved my legs in an entirely different manner. ...  i was no longer walking but instead i was dancing as my body moved forward.... ... I continued my journey as I removed myself from the traffic to a less congested area of the street leading to a park..... When I reflect back on that moment, if someone were to ask me what I experienced my response would be.. "Love"... because Love is Louder

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