Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Look Inside

i dont have a specific style that anyone can possibly imitate, so if you try to copy my sound then you'll always be arriving late. constantly evolving, changing like the leaves on trees. my mind captures an image photographing what my eye sees. then i store it deep inside, releasing the art at another time. maybe in a story that i tell you or while im flowing a new rhyme. never force myself to change with a current trend or scene, but don't resist new ideas either so i create my own theme. the flow you hear develops naturally & is released on any time or date. bringing a sound that illuminates current culture with a spark that you cannot replicate. opening up my mind letting it all soak inside, what else can i do but simply enjoy the ride.........  our ideas  fuel the world we live in.  Our thoughts, Our Words, Our actions feed the ears & the eyes that occupy our surroundings. The energy that is born spreads from person to person, place to place, inspiring a brand new mood. It fills everyone around creating the environment we end up living in. Our Dreams keep us rockin, any poison that created drama melts away because we're immune. this is living. anything that may have prevented this feeling from spreading @1 point is gone.

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