Wednesday, February 23, 2011


    I glanced over and saw an old house that looked as if it hadn't been occupied for several years. Something came over me at that moment which made me feel as if i knew exactly what  took place there. I saw a rope swing in the back yard & an old treehouse. I could hear the children inventing new games to play. Their imagination running wild as they created new ideas of how they were going to use the tree house. The rope swing was also a part of their new adventure and their excitement continuously escalated as the afternoon moved on. They invented their own world where anything was possible & their minds were full of life. Nothing deterred them from their mission because the only thing that existed was that moment.  They slowly drifted apart as they grew older becoming caught up in the fast paced world..  Slowly forgetting about the days when they played in the treehouse but every once in awhile the memories would return... 

One day, two of them reunited.  Although they felt like distant strangers initially, their spirits reminded them of who they were.  They decided to take a ride around the old town they lived in as children...  They explored  areas outside of the zone they were familiar with as children. As they came to the end of the street, the boy noticed that the road was a dead end...  That was until they got out of their car & soon discovered a narrow path between two trees that lead to the woods. After walking a short distance they realized that their adventure had just begun. This place was filled with endless paths surrounding a stream that sang such a soothing tone. the streets that that they had been traveling on all day were crowded with people running from place to place, searching... nobody was here though. Nobody was in this beautiful place but them. Alas, they find a Castle that was once an ordinary tree just like the two at the end of the road..   "I've never heard of this place," the boy said. The girl replied, "That's because most people turn around once they see the dead end sign"

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