Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hit em up (my version)

A woman by the name of Katie Nicholl recently included information about Lily Allen in one of her gossip columns. Lily Allen is a very talented musician who is loved by many. She is a strong woman who has dealt with adversity that i cannot even fathom. For those who don't know, take some time to research this information on your own & you'll realize the amount of courage she possesses. Now, Katie Nicholl has made a name for herself using the power of Gossip. The problem with that is she is helping fuel this industry. An industry filled with maggots. Maggots that feed off of other peoples life in order to fulfill their own worthless empty existences. She is no writer. There is better journalism that exists in a 5th grade school teacher's desk drawer. If she had a real career, and also one of those things called a conscience she would do something worthwhile. she would research the information so that she could use the power she has to set the record straight about bogus stories that are spreading around. Instead, she takes the cowardly route & just goes along with whatever gossip exists, adds some more gasoline to the fire so it spreads to more ears, and to more eyes. That isn't a talent. That is a middle school girl that never grew up and took the life of a gossip queen to the next level, claiming it to be a career. Katie Nicholl is just another maggot. She may be a large maggot but is that something to be proud of? think about it.

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