Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't Be A Mark

The following is not about anyone in particular.  when i'm out and about I tend to observe others on occasion..  this is based on things i see happen & things that may have happened to some/many individuals.. a scene between a couple at the park is what triggered this piece. 

once upon a time there was a dude who instigated an argument in public which was quite rude. she clearly felt uncomfortable discussing the issue with everyone. he persisted without a care & said he wasn't done. When she brings it up in private he kept saying he was SORRY & wore out that word like 80's kids played out atari. Okay, you apologized bro, now let's get back to the issue. He brought it up, now its her turn to speak, but he's reaching for a tissue. Clueless to whats going on, wondering why she's mad, caught up in his own feelings.. i can't believe this guys a Dad. You just don't get it dude, what the hell is going on. thats what she said as she tries to continue the convo, but instead he sings his sad song. she feels like pulling the hair out of her head & keeps talking but he only replays the words that he said. her words fly around him & disappear into the air. the champion of icebreakers is speechless; nothing but a confused stare... he flees the scene like a get-away driver; paints the town with his boyz thinking that'll take him higher... He brags about all the ladies he tasted; licked up, sticked up, all the nights he was wasted. One day he'll realize that he's actually not a player, simply just a boy toy. only good for one thing & thats physical joy #Mark (Btw, mark is not a particular guys name, it's old school west coast slang for a punk ass, basically. Just threw it in the mix)

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