Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jack & Jill (A story about people)

Jill let everyone know that she won't have sex with just anybody, it has to be the right person. She is commended & respected for that. Everyone thinks she is so sweet. Jack lets everyone know that he won't have sex with just anybody, it has to be the right person. People think he's gay & when they find out he isn't they say, "Who the hell does he think he is, that arrogant prick. Oh, he must think he's all that or something. Mr, i think im god's gift to women"

Jill & her friend Amanda meet up with Jack & his friends. Jill realizes that she is interested in Jack right away but Amanda is with her & she's a little bit more assertive than her friend. Jack is also interested in Jill but because she is alot more subtle Jack doesn't recognize that she's into him. So, of course Amanda & Jack end up going out on a date rather quickly. It seems that Jack asked out Amanda because her signals were rather obvious & she seemed cool so why not.

Jill goes home & says to herself, "that is the straw that broke the camels back" She decides that for once in her life she's going to go after what she wants. Jill thinks about Amanda & says, "that backstabbing bitch! im tired of women like her getting all of the nice guys. pisses me off"

Jill goes out with her other female friends that weekend & decides she is tired of waiting for that so called "mr right" she once thought existed.. A couple of hours into the evening her friends saw the change in her. She begins to flirt, drink more than usual, & basically have fun for once in her life without caring what other people think. She just doesn't want to be "miss please the world" any longer. At first she realized she was putting on an act but once she discovered this new side of her things seemed to balance out. Now, before this point she never had a one night stand. After a couple weeks of going to a few new local spots with her friends, she ended up going back to a guys apartment. She actually left his place feeling good. She felt like she had some control over the situation... She realized that she wanted to chill out on looking for a relationship. Jill just wanted to kick back, experience life a little, & although she still wasn't going to sleep with just anybody, she was open to it if the mood was right.

When she returned home some of the folks who once thought she was so sweet & nice, seemed to change their opinion of her all of a sudden. She was happy but they called her a slut behind her back.. Oddly, some of those same individuals continued to treat Amanda no differently than usual.. They still spoke to her, called her, etc... Jill is fed up & is tired of people telling her how to act.

Meanwhile, back at Amanda's place everything seemed to go very well in Jacks opinion. He leaves feeling pretty good about the situation. Now, Jack doesn't sleep with Amanda right away so Amanda thinks she did something wrong.

Jill sleeps with Brad too quickly & he thinks she's just some girl from the bar. Amanda goes after Jack sensing that she should try harder, only if she'd realize that she's awesome , only if she'd back off the sex a bit. 
Jill calls Brad but never really called Jack, so Jack figures that he if he was more like Brad then he could finally get with Jill.

Jack gives up on women like Jill & continues to meet women like Amanda.

Jill gives up on guys like Brad & wishes that Brad was more like Jack.

& the story goes on...

the moral: people are confusing themselves when they expect a woman to be a certain way & a guy to be a certain way. If the characters in this story didn't have these prejudices about "what women are supposed to be like" & "what men are supposed to be like" there would be no confusion.

that's it for now, peace

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