Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swagger like... part 2 (the 2011 remix)

(play the video & let it run for a little while so you can read this while listening to the beat:)

you reached into your soul, unleashing the inner power that drove you this far.
carrying pounds on your back, through the tornadoes, & don't need a fuckin car.
as you walked into a race unaware of the thunder that you would soon taste
savoring the storm eating the fruits & spitting out the waste. 
  a force of nature but your humble to the core, a resurrection of the innocence that led you right through this door.
breathing love while walking straight into the fire, unleashing your heart through the flame that speaks your desire..
about to stand up & make a mark on this planet but won't sit still for a minute because your mind can't stand it.
if your tired of holding in the words you wish to speak tear your heart from your chest,
raise it up like a flag & all your words will leak. nobody has swagga like you, unleash the flame....
speak it loud or whisper your tune, it will all be true

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