Monday, March 7, 2011

escape into life artist: Laura Lawson

  I stumbled upon a blog a little while ago that instantly grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. I checked out her twitter account after I read one of her posts & decided to click the link that she chose to display on her profile. It was her blog entitled “Believing is Seeing” The person I am referring to is Laura Lawson who is an artist & writer from California. Her energy & honest words displayed in each one of her short stories is inspiring to say the least. Laura contributes to a website called http/ which is dedicated to a friend of hers that she admired. The beautiful art she creates whether through writing or painting displays the passion which she possesses. As I began reading one of her blogs Inoticed the way she sees the bright side of no longer driving a vehicle. She is such a free person really. Sometimes we get caught up in what the world expects of us instead of living the way we want. That blog was so honest because that is the way she really felt. She wasn’t looking at the glass as half full. She poured the liquid into the glass and filled it up. There are so many ways to look at a situation and she brings that to life. Read it and you’ll feel what I’m saying. The one thing that surprised me though was when she considered herself impaired. She does have an eye disease that she says will cause her vision to depreciate over time. That maybe true but there is nothing about this woman that is impaired. Laura’s ability to express herself won her the top vision impaired blog of 2010. Laura’s writing conveys true strength powered by her unfeigned faith & drive to bring those dreams to life. Her genuine personality is so easily felt in her writing & stands out so vividly. Believing is Seeing is “top blog of 2010” material,Period. I’ve met many people who are very successful, have all they need in this world and complain because they don't have enough. There are people who take things for granted in this world everyday. Laura sees the beauty in every single moment of her existence. She realizes that her eye condition may inhibit her in the future but her personality not only enhances her life but the lives of everyone around her. She has the heart and passion that will not stop her regardless of what life throws her way but Iknow that God will have her back and make sure that a miracle happens. I realize that I have no control over this situation but I will with every fiber inside of me pray with kind of intensity of “this has to happen”. She deserves and will have all the tools she needs to live her life to the absolute fullest either way but I have a feeling that she will be rewarded greatly just for being who she is. If you are unfamiliar with Laura Lawson check her out at http/ Read her blogs & see for yourself. Nothing will stop her from living her dreams & helping those she loves live their dreams as well. Laura will make her mark whether she uses chalk to create street art, a book that she plans on writing that will help others or painting a piece that will bring tears of joy to peoples faces.  Her art comes from inside of her & pours itself out to the world saying "hello are you ready for me"  I may seem slightly dramatic in what im about to say but,  If I had a wish coming my way i'd trade it any day of the week. i'd use that wish making it certain that she could see perfectly forever; or actually I would just say pass & let the wish go to her instead. I hardly know this person but it doesn't matter; people like Laura Lawson are a gift to this world. A gift to all those that will also be inspired by the work she creates now & in the future. Laura Lawson is the WOMAN!

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